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September 1, 2016

Unlike many of us that enjoyed our summer with dips in the ocean or the blue sea, along with books we finally got to read, and new ideas of how our life will be turned upside down with all the plans waiting for us– not to mention the bills – these mural artists truly turned the world upside down with their amazing works during one of the hottest months of the year. No rest for the wicked and wicked they were during the hot month of August. Our Instagram page was hot hot hot with some of the most mesmerizing images of mural paintings. The transformation of the buildings, abandoned houses, and even the dessert proved yet again that the summer is the best time for street artists to create and use their brushes, cans, and stencils. So many images to choose from, so many festivals mentioned, the task of displaying the best Instagram posts during August was not an easy one. Various images received the same number of your likes but in the end, we picked the top 10 that we are aware you liked the most. So, here is a chance to remind you yet again how the various streets and cities were made richer or to introduce to you the world that possibly didn’t even realize existed.

Mr. Thoms - Keep on Listening, Any Kind of Shape Talk with You

For the amazing street art festival, Stencibility in Tartu, Estonia, Mr. Thoms decided to play around with his usual depiction of cartoonish characters, and of course space. But this time, he mastered the entire building, using the sides, the front step, and the column to create an image that truly brings the smile to our face. Looking at it, the summer seems like it will last forever and maybe it is because of this feeling that this mural holds a high number one of our Instagram posts in August.

Featured image in slider: Mr. Thoms - Keep on Listening Any Kind of Shape Talk With You; Mr. Thoms - Keep on Listening Any Kind of Shape Talk With You, detail. Images via

Tarm and Rio de Janeiro

Following closely behind our number one is the stunning large-scale mural painted by Tarm. The artist could not resist the urge to paint the big demolished wall with his signature bright colors while visiting the eclectic Rio de Janeiro. Receiving the invitation by the Rio Esporte Art organizers  to decorate and revitalize the forgotten areas of this metropolis, Tarm made a choice to focus on sports and the reference the every day of the city and its love for the bicycle but to also refer to the Olympic Games that the city just recently hosted.

Featured image: Tarm - Artwork

Fran Bosoletti - Desarriago

Yet again, the poetic and eclectic works of the fascinating young Argentinian artist Fran Bosoletti got an upper hand on reality. Sheltered by the surrounding houses, the mural produced during the Urban Vision Project in Acquapendente in Italy, seems to transcend the atmosphere of the quiet and serene place. All this is hidden in an image of an older lady, whose eyes, with a gentle stare seem to hide wisdom and knowledge of the place and old age, and with it offer comfort and beauty. The fact that the image is painted on a deteriorating building only adds to the magic, which you adored, making this mural a high number three on our list.

Featured image: Fran Bosoletti - Desarriago, detail. Image via

Man O Matic - Birds

Hidden behind the recognizable Twitter logo is America’s most celebrated director of psychological thrillers and dramas, Mr. Alfred Hickock. The powerful image painted by the famous Man O Matic in his hometown Huelva in Spain seems to comment on a joined desire for omnipresence and celebrity status. Incorporating also the idea of one of Hickock’s famous movies, Birds, both the idea of the movie and the social network symbol create a social commentary of the day.

Featured image: Man O Matic - Birds. Image via

Explorare Necesse Est by Sebas Velasco

Curated by the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia, the local Spajalica Project this year welcomed the Spanish urban and street artist Sebas Velasco. Returning gratefully the invitation, the artist produced a striking piece which follows his subject matter of figure painting and night time cityscapes. The produced peace touched upon the desire of the Spajalica Project to revitalize the former industrial hotspots through the urban art, as Velasco painted a local worker as a symbol of the past and the strong working class identity that helped build the city. Using the old façade, and the proof of the passing of time, this mural was adored by many on our Instagram page.

Featured image in slider: Sebas Velasco - Explorare Nececesse Est, work in progress. Images via

The Love for Cats, Morocco and El Mac

Along with David Choe, the American artist El Mac spent several weeks in Morocco bringing magic and spreading creativity on the streets of Agdz and Merzouga. Following with his love for spray painting and photo-realistic images, the black cat that the artist painted on a centuries old mud brick Kasbah caught the attention of a large number of our followers and it marks the beginning of the second half on our list. The decision to paint this animal for the Igloo hong Project was an easy choice for El Mac since the adoration for this creature was displayed on the streets he visited but it also links with the history of the country and the story of the mutual love between Prophet Muhammad and his cat Muezza.

Featured image in slider: El Mac - Artwork. Image via

On a Mission to Cover the World with Color - SETH Globepainter

This time, the amazing French artist Julien ‘Seth’ Malland, or Globepainter as he calls himself, visited a fishermen’ village in Canggu for the TropicaFestival in Bali. The master of his craft, this time, used the traditional trademark of Bali’s children as the main subject for one of his newest pieces. Using green color to fuse the surrounding space and his work, the finished product mesmerized so many of us and yet again this artist showed us that we must always keep our eyes open forcing us to believe that that magic and beauty can be hidden in the most unsuspected places.

Featured image in slider: SETH Globepainter - Artwork. Image via

Jan Kalab - Double the Perspective

Everyone remembers their first love and for Jan Kalab his love for graffiti and street art seems like it will last an entire lifetime. The world of geometrical shapes, rainbow colors, and the play with the perception of the eye and space was never more thought provoking and never so to the point than in the works of this world-known Czech artist. Created for the occasion of the symposium of the street art Woodoosession in Poděbrady, Czech Republic, the mural Double the Perspective is strikingly beautiful due to its simplicity and at the same time so powerful just because of the signature minimalistic approach of the artist. Everyone seems to be in love with this peace and as such it was no surprise to us that it found itself on our list of the best Instagram post of the hot August.

Featured image in slider: Jan Kalab - Double the Perspective. Image via

Waone - Chasing TigerMan

The privilege fell upon Richmond,USA to host the former Interesni Kazki member Waone for the production of his first black and white mural. His large-scale mural Chasing TigerMan is a commentary of the race and the joined desire by all of us for reaching our goals, needs, only to realize that at the other end there is yet another desire that waits making us blind and in constant chase of our tail. This beautiful and surreal image is yet again a symbolic emblem of a hidden message that we got so used to receiving from the famous street art duo, here mind you flying solo.

Featured image in slider: Waone - Chasing TigarMan. Image via

2501 and Love for Line Art

Closing our list today is the amazing promoter of true line art, 2501. Do not be fooled regarding the placement on our list. Let us tell you a little secret, now that we are at the end of our journey, all of the artists featured on the list received over 100 votes. With this in mind, the fabulous black and white mural, painted for the occasion of the Mural Festival La Escocaesa BCN in Barcelona is a true love letter for a simple line that went for a walk. In the hands of this artist, the line is so much more than a way to connect the dots but it becomes a secret message due to the ambiguity that the lack of any figuration creates and for us is a perfect way to end our story today.

All images used for illustrative purposes only. Featured image in slider: 2501 – The Artist at Work. Image via

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