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October 4, 2016

Although originally created as a network for connecting people and sharing photos and videos Instagram quickly established itself as an important channel for the promotion of all kinds of services and products. Best Instagram posts can reach an audience of several million people so it should come as no surprise that many artists turned to this way of promotion as well. Its usefulness in marketing and sales was noticed by the at market as well and both artists, galleries, and auction houses began to use Instagram posts as a way of reaching out to a new, tech-savvy audience - the millennials. But Instagram posts have their informative function as well. It's not always about selling the artwork sometimes it's just about letting followers keep up with the artist's works and enjoy them from afar and of course for free. The followers show their appreciation with reposts and likes thus increasing their popularity and reach. Every month we focus the attention of our readers on our Instagram account and the Instagram accounts of the best street artists in the world to let them discover the artworks that would otherwise remain out of their reach and remind them, and ourselves about the immense power of this popular social network.

This month's list of 10 best and most popular Instagram murals is composed of an array of surreal, photorealistic, figurative and abstract works painted in various parts of the globe. So stay up to date with the latest development in the world of street art and make sure to check out the finest Instagram posts of September selected by our followers!

Sepe and Chazme - Blue in green

Polish artists Michał Sepe Wręga and Chazme joined forces to collaboratively create this stunning monochromatic mural in Budapest. The artwork that depicts people swimming and bathing from an underwater perspective was made for Szines Varos festival in Hungary. The festival is inspired by Victor Vasarely's Colorful City concept established in 1983, whose main idea was for art to set foot on the streets and make urban cores nicer places for its residents.

Featured image : Sepe and Chazme - Blue in green via chazme718.blogspotrs

Inti - Random

Street artist Inti joined Back to School project in China by painting this massive mural on the side of a school in the city of Jishou. The artwork inspired by long astronomy tradition in China depicts one of the artist’s recognizable surreal characters placed between mathematical measurements and a chaotic universe. The mural conveys the random pattern of the universe that remains out of the grasp of our scientific research, regardless of our constant attempts of finding the physical laws of its functioning.

Featured image : Inti - Random  via artist Instagram page

Roberto Ciredz in Aalborg, Denmark

Here's another Instagram post that grabbed your attention the previous month. A large-scale monochromatic abstract artwork created in the city of Aalborg in Denmark appears as if it wraps the building on which it was painted. The artist blends different shades of blue and its deep shades with the aim of emphasizing the illusion of third dimension. The artwork was created for WEAArt, the first festival in Denmark that's focused completely on murals.

Featured image : Roberto Ciredz in Aalborg, Denmark

Seth - Dream big China

Back to school street art project that gathers some of the finest street artists of today is curated by one of our favorite urban creatives Seth the Globepainter. Apart from curating the project, Seth also painted several captivating pieces that convey the importance of education and of course dreams. Dream big is a stunning large-scale mural located on a wall in the Chinese city of Beijing dedicated to human propensity to "dream big" and the fantastic feeling of seeing your dream come true.

Featured image : Seth -Dream big, China via artist's Instagram page

Monstfur - Our Rust

Our Rust is a humongous, multilayer, artwork located in Czestochowa, in Poland. The mural refers to the death of the industry in this area and is highly reminiscent of the industrial age, whose architectural remains still occupy a large part of the city. Our Rust was created by Monstfur and it represents a form of experiment associated with the imitation of brush strokes using hand cut stencil templates.

Featured image : Monstfur - Our Rust via artist's Instagram account

Fintan Magee - Head in the Clouds

Australian artist Fintan Megee is one of the busiest muralists in the world so it should come as no surprise that one of his photorealistic artworks found its way to our top Instagram posts list once again. Head in the Clouds mural was made for ESTAU festival in Estarreja, Portugal. The festival lets Urban Art enter in a dialogue with the city and its population and with the local heritage and the surrounding nature through murals, installations, workshops, films and many other interesting festivities.

Featured image :  Fintan Magee - Head in the Clouds

Gola Hundun - Risveglio

Gola Hundun's latest mural entitled Risveglio is dedicated to Italian priest Don Pino Puglisi whose contribution to the battle against mafia is legendary. The artwork symbolically named Awakening epitomizes the need to open our eyes and fight against the injustice and criminal organizations. The colorful artwork located in the town of Catanzaro in Italy was created as a part of the third edition of Altrove project.

Featured image : Gola Hundun - Risveglio via artists Instagram account

Petta in Campobasso, Italy

Wildstyle graffiti by Peeta depicts a massive almost three-dimensional representation of the letters that make up the artist's moniker. The letters are stylized with colors and volume that provides an almost sculptural quality to the written word. The artwork that combines traditional writing with the artist's grandiose three-dimensional style was made for the latest edition of Draw the Line festival in Campobasso, Italy.

Featured image : Petta in Campobasso, Italy via artist's Instagram account

Alexis Diaz in Fayetteville

Black and white mural created for The Unexpected festival in Arkansas depicts the Native America phenomena of therianthropy, a mythological ability of humans that allows them to transform into their soul animals. Highly detailed mural made by Alexis Diaz portrays an owl with a human eye in its torso while sitting on a tree illuminated by a young moon. You’ll notice how cracks in the building’s walls are incorporated in the art piece and act as an extension of the branch beneath the main subject.

Featured image : Alexis Diaz in Fayetteville via artist's Facebook page

Frau Isa in Linz, Austria

International street art crew The Weird composed of 10 German-based and Austrian-based artists celebrated its five year anniversary by painting several, large-scale murals around Europe. The artwork that captured the most attention on our Instagram account is this complex art piece created by Frau Isa in Linz, Austria. The romantic mural that depicts an embracing couple is dedicated to Winter and is accompanied by tree similar murals conveying the notion of Summer, Spring, and Fall.

Featured image : Frau Isa in Linz, Austria

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