Paint Your World Black and White With These Artworks

February 21, 2019

Following our previous list of works in black and white, we bring you eight more monochrome pieces that you can add to your collection. These artists harnessed the visual power of the absence of color, placing an emphasis on the composition of the work itself.

Ranging from prints, etchings and drawings to canvases, you can own all of these works right now!

Featured image: Joanne Freeman - Covers 13 - Black (detail), 2014. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Nick Walker - Nikers

One of the most known stencil artists, Nick Walker contributed to the development of the movement in Britain, inspiring many contemporary artists along the way. In his practice, he combines his graffiti freehand methods with the defined lines of stencils. Effortlessly manages to surprise and entice the public, his practice tends to sway towards the ironic and humorous side.

One of the editions of the famous series KnickersNikers is a re-interpretation of this seductive piece. Depicting the same girl, Walker created a different effect by changing the frame, the hue and the amount of color.

Find more info about the work here.

Joanne Freeman - Covers 13 - Black

Influenced by architecture, design and symbols, Joanne Freeman creates work characterized by the reductive formality and rooted in modern aesthetics and ideology. Her work is comprised of random gestures and idiosyncratic shapes in a single color, created with a controlled and reductive abstract language.

A part of the series Covers, this piece pays homage to the graphic style of album covers, paperback book covers and media that permeated the mid-century popular culture. The single color in this simple, direct and innovative composition highlights the interplay of ground, foreground relationships.

See more info about the work here.

Thomas Canto - Grey Burst

An artist from France, Thomas Canto explores urban art through a range of mediums, such as canvas, installations, sculptures, live performances, and using materials such as sprays or water paint, glue, oil, and Chinese ink. Influenced by his environment, he proposes a unique vision of the city and its humanity and individuality.

The work Grey Burst draws from Canto's own memories and relationships with the city. It appears as a surreal architecture of his futuristic city, with a clear absence of any trace of mankind.

See more info about the work here.

Jak Espi - Pinky Love

In his work, Jak Espi combines his culture of the surface area, the modern object, storage and finish, he acquired while playing at his father's furniture workshop as a child, with a passion for illustration. His approach is characterized by playing with limits for pleasure, curiosity or provocation. Working in resin, he has mastered the endless potential of this material as it is the ideal medium for his need for "no limits".

The sculpture Pinky Love plays with the popular culture character Pink Panther, giving a sexualized connotation to this beloved character.

See more info about the work here.

Pablo Picasso - Rembrandt a la Palette

One of the most known and influential artists of his time, Pablo Picasso completely redefined artistic practice and its purpose. His rich and prolific career is filled with unparalleled achievements of creating not just brilliant art but art movements themselves.

A part of Le Suit Vollard, the work Rembrandt a la Palette is the earliest reference to Rembrandt that appears in Picasso's work. While working on the etching, the artist encountered problems with the etching ground, decided to begin to scribble on it and, as he himself explained, "it turned into Rembrandt." Liking the work, he continued working on the details of it.

See more info about the work here.

Keith Haring - Complete Bad Boys suite

Keith Haring left a resonating effect on the street art in New York and art in general. He became known for the recognizable style consisting of bold lines and bright colors, as well as the unique energy and optimism of his art.

Created in 1986, the Bad Boys series is comprised of six screenprints. A commentary on LGBT rights, it is a powerful body of work.

See more info about the work here.

Loutsider - SANS TITRE

Yann Le Berre aka Loutsider is a French street artist best-known for his love of typography which often borderlines abstraction. Along his long-standing relationship with graffiti, he is also inspired by graphic design, architecture and contemporary art.

This untitled piece is one of the series of aerosols on canvas which delve into abstract art, reminiscing of an automatic process through which patterns are created.

See more info about the work here.

Andy Warhol - ELECTRIC CHAIR (Retrospective Series)

In 1964, Andy Warhol created ELECTRIC CHAIR as part of his Death and Disaster series. Depicting murders, car crashes and suicides as illustrated in newspaper images, the works transmitted an interesting theory that these pictures no longer have a "shocking" or "devastating" effect once expressed through art, ie. canvas. It is also a continuation of Warhol's fascination with death, which he explored in many other works as well.

Apart from screenprinted canvases, the artist also created lithographs of the scene.

See more info about the work here.

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