Love Black and White Art? These Artworks Are For You!

August 30, 2018

Color is an important aspect of any work of art. But its absence also tells volumes. Artists often decide to cast aside the color spectrum and focus on the visual power of black, white and everything in between. And in doing so, they often attempt to replace sensual pleasure with intellectual design. For example, Picasso argued that color is secondary in painting, but that the structure of things is bone and shadow.

The artists on our list all explore the visual power of the monochrome palette. If black and white is your thing, we bring you nine works of art that you can own right now!

Featured images: SETH Globepainter - Sethris (detail). All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Bruno Pontiroli - Le Pas De Course

A French contemporary artist, Bruno Pontiroli has created a fantastic universe comprised of the absurd and paradoxes. Often imbued with humor, his oil paintings incorporate distorted figures and inanimate object that are living. Depicting scenes which are as comprehensible as they are familiar, he tries to expand our limited understanding of the world and our own lives.

Emerging from his dreamlike vision, the work Le Pas De Course features a naked man riding a horse, a recurring motif in his work.

See more info about the work here.

Pierre Riba - Envol

Another Frenchman, Pierre Riba creates works rooted in contemplation, mysticism, and profound simplicity. His works evoke the tradition of pagan idolatry but look futuristic at the same time. The artist is fascinated with plastic possibilities of cardboard which is the main material of his choice.

The work Envol appears almost as some form of a cryogenic or alien module. It possesses a certain organic characteristic, while its stiffness suggests a need to concentrate or contemplate.

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Klone - Untitled Body #4

A Ukranian artist based in Tel Aviv, Klone integrates complex traditions of art history into his work. Over the years, this artist embraced a more conceptual approach towards art, in which the theme of memory emerged as the central position. He focuses on the concept of "home" and the position of an artist with other people.

Created in 2017, the work Untitled Body #4 attempts to create an environment that will connect with the observers' primal feeling, placing him or her as part of the setting and context of the work.

Find more info about the work here.

Blek le Rat - I resist (Venus de Milo)

The father of stencil graffiti, Blek Le Rat is one of the first artists who started decorating the streets of Paris, using a giant graphic image of a rat. His work was highly influential, inspiring generations of graffiti artists across the globe, including Banksy, Space Invader, Shepard Fairey and Icy & Sot.

In the work I resist (Venus de Milo), the artist interpreted the image of Aphrodite of Milos, one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Originally known without arms, Blek Le Rat's Venus is showing the finger.

See more info about the work here.

Klaus Kampert - 121.02.01, Moonstruck series

The German photographer Klaus Kampert finds beauty in the unity of mind and body, representing the human being as a whole. In his black and white photographs, he brings together emotion, mind, and the body, giving the beauty of human form a whole new meaning.

This work is part of the series Moonstruck where the artist pursued his research of the feminine nude, all photographed within a circle of light in various positions. The work is characterized by the softness of the light and its shadowy effects and the restrictive and enveloping circular shape.

See more info about the work here.

Carsten Witte - AmandaSkull

Described as "David Lynch of fashion photography", Carsten Witte creates photographs which are mystery plays where you never know exactly what is going on. One of the main ideas behind his work is the belief that everything is constantly changing but photography can preserve the moment.

In the work AmandaSkull#1, this idea comes to life. It shows an attractive face with marks of decaying skin and skulls, creating a mesmerizing contrast between the soft, beautiful portraits and the harsh skeletal overlays.

See more info about the work here.

Seth Globepainter - Sethris

As his moniker suggests, the French street artist Seth Globepainter is traveling the world and using the streets as his canvas. Wherever he works, he incorporates local symbols and subjects from the surroundings, sending a message that is often playful and political at the same time.

Children feature prominently in Seth's work. Unlike usual depictions, where his characters appear to be sucked into colorful rainbow-like voids, the work Sethris embodies his signature visual language in black and white.

See more info about the work here.

Sebastien Preschoux - Kinolution

A self-taught Parisian artist, Sébastien Preschoux is known for his handmade thread installations and geometric drawings. Drawing inspiration from the values of the Bauhaus movement, he insists on manual labor in his practice. Using the mantra man vs. machines he tends to highlight the barren falseness of the dominance of technology that frightens him in contemporary culture.

The work Kinolution 1 features geometric forms that repeat in patterns, creating an optical illusion. It tends to deconstruct the distinctions between work that looks like it could be made by a computer and without any use of it.

Jordane Saget - Fragmentation I

A self-taught artist from France, Jordane Saget adorns the streets of Paris with his arabesques. Using chalk, he creates ephemeral art which plays with the architectural disorders and encourages the viewers to get lost in their own imagination.

One of his studio works is Fragmentation I, an acrylic painting on paper that is a complex arabesque which produces an effect that confuses and excites the eye.

See more info about the work here.

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