BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner Presented at ART.FAIR Cologne 2016

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October 26, 2016

For the 6th edition of the BLOOOM Award, presented by the Warsteiner Brewery at the 2016 ART.FAIR, over 2,000 submissions from 84 countries were presented to the jury. The task hasn’t been easy, but the prizes for the top three contestants have just been announced by the curators, at the award ceremony ahead of the fair opening in Cologne! Among the ten finalists, whose work was chosen for the converging art show this year, the third place was awarded to Dutch artist Femke Huurdeman, Rahel Zaugg from Germany came in second, while the winner of the BLOOOM Award is Matthias Danberg, for his video work Sculptures! The first-prize artwork, along with nine others, will be on view between October 27th and 30th for the visitors of ART.FAIR.

the winners and best works of the annual bloom awards have been announced by the judges in the city of cologne
Matthias Danberg, 1st place

Sculptures by Matthias Danberg, winner of the 2016 BLOOOM Award

The Winners of the BLOOOM Award Competition 2016

German artist Matthias Danberg, the 2016 winner of the BLOOOM Award, presented an artwork titled Sculptures, a video in which the artist tries to combine classical antique forms with the modern language of the science fiction genre. In a 17-minute long video, we can see motives that are defined somewhere between transhumanic sci-fi stories and sculptural work. His artistic efforts will be recognized through a one-year mentoring program, a trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, as well as €1500 in pocket money!

The second place was taken by Rahel Zaugg from Germany, with Liberator – Parts of defence. Her intriguing piece consists of parts from 3D printable Liberatopistoles, whose construction plans were available online for free in 2013. The artist thus assembled a bulletproof waistcoat, featuring custom-made nails and parts of the weapon, citing that a firearm became a defence arm. Rahel Zaugg was awarded with an exhibition at a renowned gallery and a trip to the Art Paris Art Fair!

Coming in third, we have Femke Huurdeman from the Netherlands, with a fashion film entitled Pippin and the Pursuits of Life. A graduation project that has already been shown at various fashion film festivals around the world, it involves a narrative for the Dutch designer Maalke Fransen. The artist’s prize will be a one-day mentoring session with a qualified art expert.

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Rahel Zaugg, 2nd place

The Finalists

The overwhelming interest in this renowned competition will once again result in Bloom - the converging art show at ART.FAIR Cologne 2016! Apart from the winning artworks, the exhibition will also feature pieces by seven other finalists, including: Tadao Cern from Lithuania, with Black Balloons, Aaron Li-Hill from the Untied States, with Electric Currents and Mortal Wounds, Martin Reiche from Germany, with Shell Performance, Marco Sanna from Germany, with Wir klicken – Lichtschalter Sound Cube, Liat Segal from Israel, with Attending Machine, Xanthe Somers from England, with Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, or maybe you should, and Angelika Wischermann from Austria, with recht schön gelegen.

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Femke Huurdeman, 3rd place

Celebrating Art and Supporting Artists Since 2010

As the international art prize for lasting support to artists, the BLOOOM Award has been given for six consecutive years now, under the patronage of The Warsteiner brewery, founded in 1753 and one of Germany’s largest private breweries. This year, a jury composed of Catharina Cramer, patron and managing partner of the Warsteiner Group; Yasha Young, director and curator of Urban Nation; Prof. Stephan Berg, director of the Kunstmuseum Bonn; Joko Winterscheidt, host and Grimme-Preis winner; and Walter Gehlen, director and artistic director of the Art.Fair and Blooom, have chosen ten finalists whose artwork will be shown to 35,000 visitors of Art.Fair Cologne. The exhibition also stands as a great opportunity for these talented individuals to draw the attention of galleries, curators and collectors, developing lasting contacts and expanding their careers.

Bloom Award 2016 - Artist Interviews

All images courtesy Widewalls and the BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner.