Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction Analysis

July 18, 2015

The Modern Art Sale Auction took place at Bonhams Oxford, on Wednesday, July 15 2015. Although some 76 percent of lots offered were sold, the results of the auction are not so impressive. It gathered only $216.498. However, there were some pieces whose hammer prices were much higher than expected. The works by Aaron Bird, aka TEMPER achieved significant results – they were sold for much higher price than it was estimated.

Pedro Ruiz as the King of the Auction

The highest hammer prices were seen in sales of works by Colombian artist Pedro Ruiz. This Latin American artist is known for his works that are focusing on social and political issues. In his art, conceptual art movement has a significant role. His Desplazamiento #49 was sold for $6.242 – the highest hammer price seen at auction. Additionally, Ruiz’s Desplazamiento #69 (unframed) was sold for $4.370.

The Overview of Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction

Out of 263 lots offered at Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction, 202 were sold, or 76.8 percent, which is quite good result. Forty-three lots were sold over high estimate (21.3 percent of sold lots), while 71 lots were sold in range of estimated values (35.1 percent of sold lots). On the other hand, 88 lots, or 43.6 percent, were sold under low estimate. The highest hammer price were seen in the sales of Pedro Ruiz’s works that we mentioned before. Average hammer price of the auction has settled at $1.072, while median hammer was at $812.

Speaking of the most successful lots, we should mention Frederick Landseer Maur Griggs’s Duntisbourne Rouse 3, Aaron Bird, aka TEMPER’s 'Endless Sigh' Unframed, Keith Grant’s Cotton grass and cloud, Sutherland, Aaron Bird, aka TEMPER’s 'How I swing it' Unframed, that were sold for higher prices from their high estimates: Grigg’s work had +433.5 percent, Bird’s work had +300.2, Grant’s work had +257.2 percent and Bird’s another work had +212.6 percent difference. On the bottom side are Renata Fernandez’s Wit, The Light of Life sold with -83.3 percent difference between hammer price and low estimate, followed by Anna Katrina Zinkeisen’s Portrait of Edmond Durlacher (unframed) (with -80 percent) and Simon Turvey’s Pintail (with -80 percent).

Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction Analysis
Simeon Stafford - Blackpool (lot 68). Estimated at $780-$936; sold for $655

Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction Analysis
Henry J. Neave - The demolitian of Cannon Street Station (Lot 134). Estimated at $468-$780; sold for $468

Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction Analysis
James Downie Robertson RSA RSW RGI - 'Border landscape - winter' (Lot 120). Estimated at $936-$1.248; sold for $4.992

Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction in Details

Please, scroll down, and you will find two tables – one with the summary of the Bonhams – The Modern Art Sale Auction; the second one with detailed information on every lot auctioned at this auction.

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Featured Images:

William Heaton Cooper - 'Crummock Water', detail (Lot 143)

Francis Wynne Thomas - Decaying boats (Lot 63)

Image in Slider:

Leslie Gibson ARCA - Helvellyn (Lot 148)

Images courtesy of Bonhams.

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