Boris Tellegen At Backslash Gallery

February 10, 2015

The Backslash Gallery, located in Paris, France have a solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Boris Tellegen, who gained recognition during the 1980’s for his graffiti work under the name Delta, currently on show. The second solo show by Boris Tellegen to be held at Backslash Gallery, Current presents a new series of works by the Dutch artist that takes a fresh look at his earlier works, particularly the monochromatic works that featured in his Surface exhibition at Backslash Gallery in 2012, with the added intensity of a carefully selected prism of colours. The Backslash Gallery has become known for its international and eclectic program of shows which along with the previous Boris Tellegen exhibition, included a show in 2014 by Rero that you can read about in the Errors in the Title article and view in this Une Expo En Video clip.

Backslash Gallery
Left: Boris Tellegen - Issues III, 2015. Acrylics on 8 layers of birch. 120 x 105 x 9cm. / Right: Boris Tellegen - Undercurrent III, 2014. Acrylics on 8 layers of mixed wood. 140 x 115 x 12cm.


The word Current as the title of the new solo exhibition by Boris Tellegen has been picked by the artist for its many meanings such as an electrical current, the current of the sea, current that is a movement and of course current to indicate that the work is of the moment and has been used to sum up the idea that this new exhibition is part of an ongoing process for the artist and the ceaseless development in the works he is creating. Current forms the perfect juxtaposition to the previous Surface solo show at Backslash Gallery, new works taking on the forms explored in monochromatic hues with a strong use of colour and white that work to bring out the nuances within the pieces on show, creating a synthesis of the various artistic periods found in Tellegen’s work to this point. On show in Current are a number of large pieces created from painted wood alongside some smaller works on glued paper that on first glance may appear as chaotic explosions but are in fact very carefully orchestrated compositions based on the extreme deconstruction of letters and type that the artist developed in his days working under the name Delta. These elements are reconstructed on a computer before being transformed into the architectural and geometrical works based on inverted perspective revealing works that are distinctly formed from street art but presented in a new way. You may wish to check out the work of JonOne who works with a similar theme (read more in JonOne – Evolution to Oils) and 10 Artists That Write Their Art.

Backslash Gallery
Left: Boris Tellegen - Issues I, 2014. Acrylics on 8 layers of birch. 120 x 105 x 9cm. / Right: Boris Tellegen - Up I, 2015. Paper, threads, wood, acrylics. 65 x 48cm.

Boris Tellegen

Dutch artist Boris Tellegen, born 1968, gained recognition as one of the pioneers of the European graffiti scene during the 1980’s where he developed his own distinctive style of street art. Under the name Delta, Tellegen became well known for his impressive graffiti that was based on three dimensional lettering that he treated in a sculptural way, adding an extra dimension that allowed his work to explode from the wall. Moving away from the streets and into the world of contemporary art, Boris Tellegen has used his previous graffiti work to inform new artworks in the areas of collage, sculpture, videos, drawings and installations that has seen him develop a unique, distinctive and powerful style. Boris Tellegen describes his works as isometric industrial landscapes, exploring themes around order and chaos. Explore more by reading the Just Before Brazil and Uncovered: The Art Of Album Covers articles that both feature the work of Boris Tellegen.

Current by Boris Tellegen can be viewed at Backslash Gallery, Paris between 4th February, 2015 and 28th March, 2015.

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Backslash Gallery
Boris Tellegen - Current, Studio.

Backslash Gallery
Boris Tellegen - Plannings I Detail, 2014. Paper, acrylic paint and glue. 120 x 120cm

Backslash Gallery
Boris Tellegen - Plannings III Detail. 2014. Paper, acrylic paint and glue. 120 x 120cm

Backslash Gallery
Boris Tellegen - Plannings III. 2014. Paper, acrylic paint and glue. 120 x 120cm.

All images courtesy of Backslash Gallery.