Abstract Artworks That Will Soothe Your Mind

August 12, 2020

Emerging from the artists' desire to create works unrelated and unrestrained by visual references in reality, abstract art is a versatile art genre that uses colors, shapes, forms and gestural marks to achieve a unique aesthetic and in many cases, a deep emotional response from the viewers. Throughout decades, it has proved as a versatile field for experimentation and development of new styles and techniques.

The movement remains fresh even today, thanks to contemporary artists who are pushing the limits of the genre, bringing approaches that are smart, engaging and visually arresting. Here are some amazing examples of abstract art for your collection.

Featured image: Hans Hartung - T1966-E14, 1966. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Margaret Neill - Manifest 1

An American artist, Margaret Neill observes the patterns, both natural phenomena and human-made, such as weather patterns, maps or buildings, and transforms them into artworks that are complex, but also serene and in the state of constant flux. She always works in series, using classic materials such as graphite, charcoal, paint on traditional supports of canvas and paper.

This work belongs to Manifest series, intuitively described drawings letting the parameters of charcoal determine the outcome.

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Yaze - Untitled

A French self-taught artist, Yaze is known for his large-scale portraits in which he tries to capture memory. In these large-scale paintings, he manages to perfectly combine traditional craft materials, like paper with cloth or wood, and Moroccan decoration.

In this 2011 work, Yaze fuses the elements of street art and traditional art, like scribing and dripping. The work is rich with violent reds, pink and ochre, as well as black lines.

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John Goodyear - Untitled (Black and White with Grid)

A celebrate Op artist, John Goodyear created a substantial body of work in which he re-contextualized the viewer’s present observation through painting, drawing, light, optics, installation, and heat. His work lends itself to both reflection on the inner self and discovery of the outside world.

The work Untitled (Black and White with Grid) is comprised of dots inside a grid structure which creates an illusion of the movement.

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David Murphy - X (Twenty Fourth)

An Australian visual artist and designer, David Murphy is best known for site specific, public artworks, although he also creates ephemeral and performance based works, theatre design, new musical instruments, and bespoke plywood bicycles.

This work belongs to the X series, paintings that resembled textiles at different levels of zoom. The work has an organic "beaded line" motif.

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Alberto Biasi - Dinamica

An Italian artist, Alberto Biasi is best known for his leading role in promoting kinetics art and as the co-founder of very influential artistic group, called Gruppo ENNE. Together with the Gruppo T, they developed an optic-perceptive researches that will be gathered under the name of Optical Art.

The work Dinamica is comprised of PVC strips on painted wooden board, forming a stunning optical illusion.

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Manuela Karin Knaut - Checkmate

A German contemporary artist best known for her paintings and installations, Manuela Karin Knaut creates work that is primarily expressionistic, a cypher for memories and emotions that can be frank and poetic as well as intimate and universal. She also works with a wider range of media, including collages, photography and architectural objects.

The work Checkmate is infused with color and created with eloquent brushstrokes, charged with an explosive energy.

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Hans Hartung - T1966-E14

A celebrated French artist, Hans Hartung was dedicated to rethinking and upgrading abstraction. One of the major figures of post-war art, he explored the painterly surface, the relations between the forms, and principles of harmony and proportion.

Expressive and dramatic, the work T1966-E14 directly reflects the artist's inner processes which were very much philosophically inclined.

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Ron Martin - Conclusion and Transfer

A Canadian contemporary artist, Ron Martin was one of a small group of painters in the country that considered the act of creating a work a type of performance. This served to remind the viewer that their experience of a material object, such as a painting, was rooted in an experience of themselves.

The series Conclusions and Transfers from 1967 exemplified his approach to art-making. Acting on a suggestion of Duchamp, Martin's series showed the painting itself and an exact duplicate, hung next to each other.

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Norman Mooney - Series 3 No. 20

An Irish contemporary artist, Norman Mooney makes works that are at once physical and metaphysical, exploring the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature. With a methodology of experimentation and process, Mooney creates sculpture, interior and exterior installations, drawings and works on paper.

In this work, the artist deals with materiality, pattern, scale and experience.

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Manish Nai - Untitled

An Indian contemporary artist, Manish Nai creates composite and multiform work that summons a set of references and affinities from both Arte Povera and procedural art. He uses discarded materials in a practice where the protocols and systems of artistic creation set up by the artist in themselves define the final art object.

Using sky screen and acrylic, the artist created a subtle work with a limited color palette.

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