Artworks Under $1000 At Your Fingertips!

August 19, 2020

Collecting artworks is a wonderful but often expensive endeavor. When looking at the prices for works by prominent masters, it may seem that exceptional artworks remain out of reach for most. Fortunately, this is not true. To start collecting art, you don't have to be a millionaire, since art can also be affordable, even if it's made by some of the world's most famous artists. At the same time, there are many emerging artists out there making great art and waiting to be discovered.

If you are looking to start your collection on a smaller budget, here are 10 works under $1000 that you could own right now.

Featured image: James Rosenquist - Horizon, 1970. Image via Artwise.

Enrique Mestre-Jaime - Sumhuram

An artist living and working in Barcelona, Enrique Mestre-Jaime is best known for works that speak of water as the most important condition for life, of abundance or of its absence. The element is always present in his paintings one way of another, speaking of the beauty of nature and its waters.

In this work, the artist depicts the African continent, with the title referring to the ancient south Arabian town of Sumhuram.

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Kate Shaw - Fjallkonan 1/5

An Australian contemporary artist, Kate Shaw creates stunning landscapes by pouring acrylic paint onto the canvas. Deeply connected to both metaphysical and material world, this artist finds an original way to express her concern about the status of humankind and the way we coexist with nature.

A brilliant abstract landscape, Fjallkonan 1/5 is characterized by a sublime, yet ephemeral quality. The artist used paints with vivid hues and iridescent qualities to create an artificiality that speaks of environmental toxicity.

Buy Fjallkonan 1/5 here!

Anthea Missy - 541

A French-born self-taught street artist currently living in Brussels, Anthea Missy combines her two greatest passions, traveling and creating, allowing the two to blend and recharge each other. Guided by her personal motto of "Come as you are," she seeks to create street art atmospheres rather than send explicit and direct messages, aiming to portray the character of a certain location.

The work 541 is inspired by Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d'Avignon from 1907, taking the viewer on a journey where one image reflects 5 faces of the same person; 5 facets of one moment; 5 fantasies; 5 possibilities for 1 moment in time.

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Max Klinger - Sisyphus / Die Fakultäten

A German symbolist painter, sculptor, printmaker, and writer, Max Klinger was celebrated for his use of the graphic arts to explore imaginative subjects related to myth and fantasy. Among the most prolific and creative printmakers of his era, he revived the medium in his native country at a time when it struggled to overcome industrial connotations.

Printed on fine, thick wove paper, Sisyphus / Die Fakultäten depicts Sisyphus rolling the boulder up a hill with four women sitting on it.

Buy Sisyphus / Die Fakultäten here!

Ahn Hyun-Ju - Line 1213-13

A South Korean abstract painter, Ahn Hyun-Ju combines the use of vivid colors with interesting three-dimensional frameworks. Trained in both painting and sculpture, she describes her works as volume painting. The artist has experimented with many materials before finally settling on aluminum, as she discovered that neutrality and stability of this materials go along with her ideas very well.

The work Line 1213-13 is characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensionality, as the majority of her works.

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Merv Corning - Terry Bradshaw (Super Bowl XIII - Steelers vs. Cowboys)

American artist Merv Corning is best known for his aviation and football-themed paintings, although he also produced landscapes and still lifes. His beautifully crafted works of art reflect the dedication he has for drawing and painting and his painstaking attention to detail.

This is a portrait of Terry Paxton Bradshaw, an American former professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League. Since 1994 he has been a television sports analyst and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday.

Buy Terry Bradshaw (Super Bowl XIII - Steelers vs. Cowboys) here!

James Rosenquist - Horizon

One of the pioneers of Pop art, James Rosenquist developed an authentic style by combining the skills learned from his initial art lessons with the ones absorbed from commercial jobs he did for some time. He appropriated the advertising and mass media imagery and collaged and juxtaposed them in Surrealist fashion to create often abstract and provocative pieces with strong narratives.

Published by Leo Castelli, this print is the first edition exhibition poster for Rosenquist's show that was held from May 16th to June 6th, 1970 at the Leo Castelli Gallery on East 77th street in New York City.

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A British artist, Ryan Callanan is a part of the London-based art team Scrawl Collective. He draws inspiration from movies, pop art, and the Renaissance, taking iconic images from the past and putting them into new contexts.

In this sculpture, the artist crucified a Storm Trooper on a golden cross.


Jean-Michel Basquiat - Pez Dispenser Dunny

Despite his unfortunately short life and career, Jean-Michel Basquiat left an enormous impact on the world of art. Starting his career on the street under the name of SAMO©, he soon shifted to studio work, taking the art world by storm. His neo-expressionist art brought to the forefront many of the dualities of the time.

This new Dunny is adorned with Basquiat's work, Pez Dispenser. Created in1984, this painting is an ode to PEZ candies, ultra famous in the USA at the time.

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Lowell Nesbitt - Yellow and Blue Iris

An American painter, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor, Lowell Nesbitt is best known for his large-scale depictions of flowers. Isolating the flower from space and pressing them against a monochromatic or patterned background, he painted frontal paintings of irises, lilies, tulips, orchids, and roses.

A realistic close-up of a flower from 1981, Yellow and Blue Iris is greatly influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe.

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