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September 22, 2020

Bringing a myriad of colors, autumn has been often described as the most artistic season of the year. A time when nature goes through a picturesque metamorphose, it is a season of opposites, spiritual and monotonous, creative and irreparable, with variegated and faded drab.

This ambiguous season has inspired many artists throughout history. On the first day of autumn, we bring you ten contemporary artworks inspired by this colorful season. You can add all of these works to your collection right now!

Featured image: Sriyadi Srinthil - Breakfast In Autumn (detail), 2017. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Sarah Pye - Autumn Dawn

A British contemporary artist known for large impressionist paintings, Sarah Pye works intuitively and freely, without preliminary sketches. Going beyond the literal, her work interprets nature, loosely and intuitively and reflects light and life.

In the work Autumn Dawn, the artist used nature's colors and light, dropping, dribbling and splashing acrylics with impressionist expression. The work appears almost pointillist.

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Will Barnet - Silent Season, Autumn

The American artist Will Barnet works with painting, watercolors, drawings, and prints depicting the human figure and animals, both in casual scenes of daily life and in transcendent dreamlike worlds. His works are created in a distinctively flat, stylized aesthetic.

This work belongs to the 1969 series Silent Season, comprised of four prints for each season. Depicting Autumn, it is a portrait of a woman and a parrot in a somber color palette.

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JMR - Autumn

A New York-based street artist, JMR combines fine art and street art in the form of neo-abstract expressionist works. His choice of color and the movement and tone of his work has been compared to that of Murakami.

The work Autumn is a magical symphony of shapes and forms, all pulsating into one another.

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Ton Schulten - Autumn I

A Dutch contemporary artist, Ton Schulten is widely known for his landscape paintings, where he uses blocks of strong colors to depict the scenery. Characterized by a mysterious appearance, his works are warm and are of an inimitable beauty.

Emotional and beautifully composed, Autumn I provides a sense of tranquillity and can even be described as hypnotic.

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Sriyadi Srinthil - Breakfast In Autumn

An Indonesian contemporary realist painter, Sriyadi Srinthil explores a range of themes such as the beauty of women, landscapes, often infusing his works with social criticism. His works are characterized with both simplicity and strong narratives.

The work Breakfast in Autumn from 2017 belongs to the Still Life series of works where the artist capture the beauty of meals.

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Jenny Day - Autumnal Loop

An American contemporary artist, Jenny Day cretes abstract landscape paintings and collages. In her work, she deals with how altered environments reconstruct themselves.

The work Autumnal Loop uses a range of mediums, acrylic, spray paint, paint pen, ink, collage and colored pencil, depicting autumn in its distinct red and yellow hues.

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Anne Walker - Foret d'automne / Autumn Forest

The American artist Anne Walker is primarily known for printmaking and painting, having made more than 330 plates, as well as a number of fine-press books illustrated with etchings. In 1986, she took up painting, using gouache combined with pastel, a technique that has predominated in her work since then.

A color etching and aquatint, Foret d'automne / Autumn Forest depicts a forest in autumn, characterized by a sombre color palette.

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Jonathan Yeo - Ode to Autumn

A British artist specializing in portraiture and collage, Jonathan Yeo is a self-taught artist who captured the likeness of celebrities and politicians such as Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Dennis Hopper, and Paris Hilton. He is also interested in the shock value of nudity and pornography.

In this leaf study, the artist disguises the fact that there are fragments of hard core pornography making up the pattern. The work enforces the concept that our over-exposure to pornographic imagery means that we somehow fail to 'see' it anymore.

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Abraham Rattner - L'automne (Autumn)

Abraham Rattner's richly colored paintings often depict religious subject matter. Interpreting nature in bold, vibrant color arrangements, he was considered a leading modernist painter and a superb colorist.

The work L'automne (Autumn) is a semi-abstract work characterized by a red and yellow color palette. It was printed by Mourlot Freres, Paris in 1938.

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Inka Essenhigh - Old Trees in Fall

Inka Essenhigh is widely recognized for her richly colored distorted fables peopled with archetypes, sprites, and anthropomorphized nature. Often the result of automatic drawing and free association, her fluid, dreamlike imagery references graphic novels and the golden age of animation.

The work Old Trees in Fall belongs to a series of works depicting weather and passing seasons that share the high-gloss surfaces and accentuated colors of her figures.

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