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January 23, 2020

Although collage as an art technique is usually dated as of the early 20th-century invention, it has a long history starting from China around 200 BC. Various forms of collaging were found in Europe throughout the centuries, however, the first predecessor of modern collage can be found in 18th-century botanical works by Mary Delany.

This particular technique of gluing or sticking together pieces to create a new composition is usually made of magazine and newspaper cut-outs, paint, ribbons, bits of colored paper, photographs and other found materials. The term "collage" was launched by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the beginning of the 20th century when it became a popular technique in modern art.

To bring you closer various approaches to collage making we selected the works by an intergenerational group of seven artists that you can add to your collection as we speak!

Featured image: Joseph Cornell - The Smile In The Gift Shop. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Danielle Prijikorski - Sans titre POP 08

The French artist Danielle Prijikorski is best known for collages. By carefully combining different materials spanning from sand and gravel, to pigment and fabrics, the artist creates distinct compositions reminiscent of Nouveau Realisme and Pop Art. Her approach can be considered as an archeological due to the constant exploration of the materials many of them found in the region in which Prijikorski lives.

The work Sans titre POP 08 stands as a good example of her several decades-long practice.

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Frauke Dannert - Folie

Featured here is the work of a German artist Frauke Dannert who is also focused on collage as a primary technique of choice. However, unlike Prijikorski, she uses collage as a base for large scale wall paintings/installation, projections, films, and photographs. The artist usually collects the material from print media, the internet, or from her own photographs. The selected motif is then replicated via a photocopier, and the copy is used regardless of the changed sharpness and other qualities. Such an approach at the end results with architectural compositions through which Dannert explores the spatiality and volume.

Folie is a beautiful collage featuring organic shapes made by the artist in 2018.

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De Poplavsky - Julia

De Poplavsky is a French artist working and living in London who expresses himself usually through painting and sculpture. He is inspired by the people that surround him and their vices, as well as death and other elements that stimulate his imagination. A significant part of his work is focused on carefully composed female portraits that are emitting both sensuality and mystery.

Julia is a very nice example featuring the mesmerizingly beautiful face of a girl indicating silence.

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Michael Cutlip - High Ground

Multi­media artist Michael Cutlip is best known for his abstractions combined with found paper and paint on panels. Largely inspired by the energy of urban life, and influenced by graffiti and street art, Cutlip creates vibrant compositions infused with color and texture.

High Ground was made by the artist in 2019 and it exemplifies Cutlip’s specific approach.

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Stan Squirewell - Westinidi

Stan Squirewell is an American multimedia artist who explores the topics such as race and memory from the perspective of mythology and science. Inspired by post-colonial theory, science fiction, avant-garde jazz, and indigenous storytelling, he creates hybrid narratives saturated with social and cultural empowerment of the Black community. In recent times, Squirewell produced a series of collages featuring the busts of African-Americans relying on the 16th, 17th and 18th century aesthetic and contemporary pop culture and fashion references.

Westinidi belongs to the mentioned series and was made by the artist in 2019.

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Arthur Luiz Piza - A 205

This artwork was made by the distinct Brazilian artist Arthur Luiz Piza, best known as the master of all the techniques of etching and aquatint. Throughout the years, he experimented much with a form to enable his work becoming more sculptural. At one point, Piza abandoned traditional etching techniques and, and developed his unique "gouge" technique. The artist explores the perception of imaginary and poetical matters.

A 205 is a collage made by Luiz Piza in between 1980 and 1990.

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Joseph Cornell - The Smile In The Gift Shop

The last artwork on our top list was made by the celebrated American avant-garde artist and filmmaker Joseph Cornell. Although he wasn’t a part of any particular movement, his pioneering impulses were influenced by Surrealism. Cornell was self-taught and is considered a most prominent practitioner of assemblage, and he received critical attention later in his life; the artist was pretty much isolated throughout his life, taking care of his mother and a disabled brother, although he was in touch with other contemporary artists.

The Smile In The Gift Shop is a collage made by the artist in 1960.

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