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July 16, 2020

Drawing is one of the few, if not the only way to immediately get the idea through and out of one's system into the world. >Until recently, drawings were usually treated as less valuable artworks than paintings and sculptures, but this has been changing in recent years.

If you are looking to add a drawing to your art collection, check out this collection of amazing works by contemporary masters!

Featured image: Calo Carratala - Boat on the Maranon River, Jungle series, 2010. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Marisa Merz - Untitled

An Italian sculptor, Marisa Merz is the only female artist affiliated with the radical 1960s art movement Arte Povera. Combining materials of typically feminine creativity with Arte Povera’s call to embrace poor, she created a variety of ingenious sculptures, paintings and installations from humble domestic items and traditional craft techniques.

Merz has also produced a significant body of work of drawings and graphic works, mainly of female heads. Untitled is executed in her distinct visual style.

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Martin Tardy - Female Nude (black) II

An Austrian contemporary artist, Martin Tardy focuses on working with continuous lines, creating ambidextrous asynchronous works without lifting the pen. Often using both hands at the same time, his process is a performance of sorts.

Tardy mostly focuses on faces, bodies or body parts, a subject that has fascinated him ever since he was a kid. This Female Nude (black) II is characterized by his distinct twists and curves, acting as a metaphor for different decisions and paths we take that build one's character and personality.

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Zhang Yunyao - Study in Figures

A Chinese contemporary artist, Zhang Yunyao incorporates felt as the support for the medium of painting, attempting to explore the unfixed meaning of emotions and desires. He is influenced by changes in the external environment while maintaining his independence.

In Study in Figures from 2017 the artist reappropriated figures and sculptures from Greek mythology. Behind the monochrome are undercurrents of disturbance and violence established by the painter.

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Collin van der Sluijs - Birdstudy

A Dutch illustrator, artist and gallery owner, Collin van der Sluijs translates personal pleasures and struggles in daily life into his own visual language. Through an instantly recognizable visual style, he explores our lives, but also society at large.

The work Birdstudy from 2020 reveals profound new depth and dimension in his dreamlike, deeply personal approach. It features exotic birds that populated Van der Sluijs’ grandfather’s aviary.

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Calo Carratala - Boat on the Maranon River, Jungle series

A Spanish contemporary artist, Calo Carratala has been described as a painter of distant proximities, of familiar distances, of our land and of the earth, of all the lands, of all parts.

Executed i his distinct style, the work Boat on the Maranon River belongs to the Jungle series from 2010.

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Dieter Mammel - Untitled

A German contemporary painter, Dieter Mammel studied painting at the Academy in Stuttgart and received studio grants from the Berlin Senate, the Karl Hofer Scholarship, and from 2007 to 2012 the studio scholarship from the city of Frankfurt am Main.

In addition to drawings and prints he is best known for, such as the work Untitled from 2001, the artist also develops video installations and stage sets for speech and dance theater.

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Hadi Tabatabai - Thread Drawing

An Iranian-born and San Francisco-based artist, Hadi Tabatabai is celebrated for his delicate, meticulously executed pattern-based works in mixed media. Through his practice, he explores the form of the line as a physical space—now a 15-year-long exercise.

The work Thread Drawing from 2012-19 is based on repetition and layering of certain marks, with the main intention of filling a surface.

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Guy Denning - Angel (3164)

A self-taught contemporary artist, Guy Denning is the founder of the Neomodern group and part of the urban art scene in Bristol. He is celebrated for his raw and gritty artworks imbued with the melancholic and solemn effect enshrined in darkness, as well as a hint of anger.

Using conte and chalk on old newspaper, the artist depicted an angel in his distinct style.

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Remed - A l'ecoute, allez goutes, a l'eau de l'air epuise la course et puise la source

A French urban artist, Remed is known for his works fusing mathematics and calligraphy, seeking precision and simplifying things to make them universal. He is inspired by classical 20th-century artists such as Modigliani and Léger, but also the Moroccan art of Zellige, revitalizing these movements.

A l'ecoute, allez goutes, a l'eau de l'air epuise la course et puise la source is a simple line drawing adorned with touches of primary colors.

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Jorge Mendez Blake - Toute pensee emet un Coup de Des IX

A Mexican mixed-media conceptual artist, Jorge Mendez Blake is best known for building walls and connecting their history to literature. In his work, literature becomes a tool that articulates situations, places and objects where each piece is full of theoretical meanings related to one another.

In this series, the artist reinterprets classic shipwrecks paintings, realizing that a typical strategy used by classic painters to enhance dramatic effects in sea landscape paintings was to lean the masts.

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