Let Your Collection Blossom with These Flower Artworks

October 3, 2019

Flowers have been represented throughout art history either for their decorative or medical purpose. Mostly the flowers symbolize beauty, romance, affection, and other noble virtues, but their interpretation moved from the medieval realm of magic to the more profane Renaissance patterns.

The flower imagery became autonomous with the development of the genre of still life back in the 16th century, especially in the Netherlands. These compositions included man-made objects, food, and dead animals, but the flowers as well; these still-lifes shared commonalities with botanical illustration.

Although times the tendencies in the art world have changed, this particular genre remained popular in the present time as well.

We selected nine exceptional artworks that reflect the fascination of contemporary artists with flowers.

Featured image: Rene Magritte - Le Tombeau des Lutteurs. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Nicole Pon Horvath - Morning Reflections

The first artwork on our list was made by French artist Nicole Pon Horvath, who devotedly explores the meditative potentials of an image. Pon Horvath creates compositions reminiscent of the traditional Asian paintings consisting of natural elements such as the trees, the moon, and the sky.

This particular painting titled Morning Reflections was made by the artist in 2016 and it features beautiful branches of the Asian maple tree.

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Max Ernst - Ohne Titel

A proponent of Dada and one of the founding members of Surrealism, Max Ernst was a provocateur and a shocking and innovative artist who mined his unconscious for dreamlike imagery that challenged social conventions. Influenced by philosophy, literature and psychoanalysis, his practice was always closely bound to technical experimentation, from his first collages through the development of such techniques as frottage, grattage, and decalcomania.

This black and white etching from 1950 features surrealist figures entangled in a dance-like motion.

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Andy Warhol – Poinsettias

The next artwork on our list was made by no other than his Pop majesty Andy Warhol. His entire production was twofold – at the same time experimental and commercial, spanning from his large screen prints to Polaroids depicting queer community and structural films exploring the notion of time. Warhol was fascinated with the flowers which is best expressed through his series of the same title which inspired the term flower power used in the 1960s to describe the non-violence movement.

Poinsettias is a small but highly sophisticated depiction of a plant mostly used for Christmas decorations.

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Jose Lerma - Civil War Cockades

Jose Lerma is a Spanish artist best known for exuberant mixed-media paintings, based on a combination of various references from his biography and art history. His dualistic compositions reminiscent of Surrealism are saturated with chaos and control, humor and tragedy; whether they act as detailed collages of silicone or vibrating acrylic surfaces, Lerma’s works function as comprehensive drawings.

Civil War Cockades was made by Lerma in 2017 and it presents a colorful interpretation of the classical still life genre.

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Rene Magritte - Le Tombeau des Lutteurs

René Magritte is among the most influential painters of the 20th century. Several elements such as bowler hats, apples, and clouds make his puzzling Surrealist practice recognizable; Magritte is critically acclaimed for his precision and exceptional craftsmanship, as well as an unprecedented conceptual framework, focused on the exploration of perceptions of reality.

Le Tombeau des Lutteurs is a cropped image of a rose, another symbol reappearing in his work.

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Grant William Thye – Blue Flowers

This artwork was made by the American painter Grant William Thye, who is best known for his painting very much influenced by children’s storybooks, cartoons, and comics, as well as by Midwest Regionalism and the Chicago Imagists. The artist is fascinated with the wide-open spaces so his compositions are most often nostalgic landscapes recalling contemplation and alienation.

Blue Flowers is a classical still life produced by Thye in 2019.

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Alex Katz - Study for Ada with Flowers

Alex Katz is an American painter celebrated for his large-scale landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. His simplified and almost cartoon-like style made him quickly recognizable after Katz emerged on the art scene during the 1960s, especially the portraits family members, artists, and writers came to prominence. The artist was very much inspired by the woodcuts produced by Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro.

A study for Ada with Flowers was made by Katz in 1980 and represents the artist’s cropped take on still life imagery.

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Margaret Morrison – Daffodil

The next artwork on our flower top list was made by the highly acclaimed hyperrealist American artist Margaret Morrison known for her detailed still-life and surreal figurative paintings. Namely, this distinct figure and the University of Georgia professor of painting and drawing produces paintings of candies and toys in order to unravel certain aspects of growing up.

Morrison is also a devoted painter of flowers, as this particular cropped painting titled Daffodil shows.

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Jan Frans Van Dael – Musee du Louvre

Next up is an astonishing artwork painted by a distinct self-taught Flemish master Jan Frans Van Dael specialized in still lifes of flowers and fruit. This historical figure was commissioned to paint the flower paintings by the wealthy royal patrons, and Van Dael also worked as a decorator on projects at the châteaux of St. Cloud, Bellevue, and Chantilly.

The year of production of this particular composition titled Musee du Louvre is unknown, but it nicely illustrates the domains of the painter and his obsession with the beauty of flowers.

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Mr. Brainwash - This Is Not A Van Gogh

The last but not least on our flower top list is the work by French-born, America-based street artist Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash. His style consists of historic pop imagery (the characters such as Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, and Marilyn Monroe) and contemporary iconography (Madonna) presented in a postmodern pop–graffiti manner. Mr. Brainwash usually works with screen-print and stenciled images and creates recognizable works embedded in the artist’s mantra Life Is Beautiful.

This Is Not A Van Gogh is an intriguing piece, a sort of a cynical take on the famous Sunflowers made by the iconic Modernist master in 1887.

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