Artwork Color Focus: Green!

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September 9, 2020

For centuries, artists have used the hidden meaning of color to elicit a certain mood. The color green in particular generally signifies growth, harmony, health, life, spring, wealth, and many other positive qualities. Coming in different hues named after the references in the natural world, greens can range from forest green to pine to mint, teal and chartreuse, push into brown and blue territories, have pastel moments and can be so rich and verdant that they look almost radioactive.

If you are looking to add some splash of green to your collection, we have compiled a list of green artworks you can buy right now!

Featured image: Alexone Dizac - Vertnuages. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

James Roper - Anahata

A British contemporary artist, James Roper works in various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and film. His work explores a range of subjects, from the heightened realities depicted in Baroque art and modern media to the restraint and release of energy found within complex structures such as the human body.

The work Anahata is inspired by the Chakra points according to Hindu spiritual traditions. The heart chakra symbol represents a much more nuanced expression of what love is, as a sense of connection - not only to a partner, but to family, friends, our wider community and beyond.

Buy Anahata here!

Rudragaud L Indi - Lotus pond

An Indian contemporary artist, Rudragaud L Indi is best known for his figurative paintings that capture particular issues associated with our contemporary socio-political scenarios. His fantasy-scapes take on the coexistence of the past and the present in any Indian metropolis.

In this work, the artist reflects on the rapid extinction of wildlife and the lack of conservation measures undertaken.

Buy Lotus pond here!

Letha Wilson - Evergreen Fold (Two Slots)

An American contemporary artist, Letha Wilson often combines large-scale landscape photographs with sculptural elements of metal and concrete, challenging the two-dimensional nature of traditional photography.

Here, the artist used the shot taken of the American west, investigating the limits of landscape photography. Using industrial materials, she creates compositions that remind us of the subtle equilibrium between nature and modern civilization.

Buy Evergreen Fold (Two Slots) here!

Stanley Boxer - Fealtyofbelief

A truly prolific artist, Stanley Boxer has been working between different mediums, believing that one nourished and influenced the other and that all were connected. He often embedded materials such as sawdust, stones, glitter, twine, and netting, producing mysterious depths within the thick, textured, melted and bleeding color.

The work Fealtyofbelief suggests organic processes, evoking a bird’s-eye view on to the rocky, color-rich striations of a riverbed.

Buy Fealtyofbelief here!

Beat Zoderer - Studie zu OP No.1 V.II auf vier Lagen

A Swiss sculptor and architect, Beat Zoderer predominantly uses everyday materials as a basis for his work, sourcing them from general hardware stores. Although it appears that his works are methodological structures based on repetition or mathematical systems, each piece actually allows for an arbitrary element.

The work Studie zu OP No.1 V.II auf vier Lagen is characterized by self-contradicting and ambiguous quality that creates distinct playfulness.

Buy Studie zu OP No.1 V.II auf vier Lagen here!

Alexone Dizac - Vertnuages

A French artist, painter and illustrator, coming from the Graffiti world, Alexone Dizac is best known for mixing paint drips, ghost tags drawn with a marker pen or a spray can, flames, one-line geometrical patterns, funny punchlines and his distinct surrealistic bestiary.

Vertnuages is a mixed media work on wood and copper.

Buy Vertnuages here!

Taketo Kobayashi - Gori

A Japanese artist, Taketo Kobayashi creates sculptures depicting intricate, colorful and tactile figures that invoke the mythical. He finds inspiration in the Jōmon period, described as a very peaceful time in Japan’s history when people treated everything as if it had a spirit inside and tried to live in harmony with nature.

The work Gori is steeped in contemporary Japanese subculture like manga and anime, while being rooted in ancient Japanese Jōmon culture and their animistic philosophy. Animism is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.

Buy Gori here!

Noart - Vortex 80 Whirpool

A Paris-born artist, Noart creates metal compositions made of different kind of recycled objects. His opus, called No Art, is a nostalgic reverence to Parisian culture and French innovation with a consciousness for the environment, and a touch of humor.

He based the work Vortex 80 Whirlpool on the recuperation of industrial parts and objects that would otherwise end up in the refuse heap.

Buy Vortex 80 Whirpool here!

Annie Lapin - Art of Heads and Hands

An American abstract artist, Annie Lapin creates abstract paintings grounded in representation. Her works are characterized by technical mastery.

The work Art of Heads and Hands reveals the artist's wrestling match with post-digital aesthetics as she combines computerized tools with older rendering styles in an effort to paint for her own era.

Buy Art of Heads and Hands here!

Lucio Fontana - Concetto Spaziale, Attese

One of the most influential Italian abstract painters, Lucio Fontana is the founder of Spatialism and was also associated with Arte Povera. His work could be described as radical minimalism in painting.

The work Concetto Spaziale, Attese is a monochromatic painting reduced to canvases with carefully executed gesture cuts, confronting the viewer with one of the most iconic and iconoclastic gestures of postwar art.

Buy Concetto Spaziale, Attese here!

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