Turn Your Home Into a Museum with These Installation Art Pieces

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October 17, 2019

The emergence of installation art championed a shift in focus from what art visually represents to what it communicates. Offering a complete unified experience, rather than a display of separate, individual artworks, it creates a high level of intimacy between itself and the viewer. As artist Ilya Kabakov said:

The main actor in the total installation, the main centre toward which everything is addressed, for which everything is intended, is the viewer.

Often site-specific and designed for galleries and museums, installation art is also a highly sought collectible. We bring you 8 works which you could install in your home.

Featured image: Jose Davila - Completed Cycle, 2019. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Ioanna Kazaki - Acrobats Sleep Walkers Metropolis

A Greek artist from Thessaloniki, Ioanna Kazaki's work has been included in a range of solo and group exhibitions.

Acrobats Sleep Walkers Metropolis is an installation composed of 15 canvases, 24 x 18 cm each and 8 sculptures of paper mache, 30 cm each.

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Lawrence Weiner - In & Out Of Place Carried By Its Own Weight

American artist, Lawrence Weiner is one of the central figures in the formation of conceptual art in the 1960s. Often taking the form of typographic texts, his works are subversive installations that alter an existing space or environment.

The work In & Out Of Place Carried By Its Own Weight is composed of blue letters and black vinyl lines. The work describes material components, colors, Spatio-temporal delineations and interactions, allowing viewers to develop their own personal interpretation and experiences.

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Tracey Emin - I could have loved my innocence...

A prominent member of the Young British Artists, Tracey Emin creates poignant work across a variety of media, drawing from her autobiographical details. Revealing intimate details of her life, she tackles such themes as relationships, human behavior and gender with brutal honesty and dark humor.

Created in 2007, the work spells I could have loved my innocence... in pink neon. The artist explores her sexual history in a work that can be described as confessional.

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Mel Ramos - Martini Miss #1

Tapping into the art form of the nude, Mel Ramos elevated this storied subject matter to new and engaging heights. Both provocative and humorous, his seductive works celebrate aspects of popular culture as represented in mass media. Drawing from Pop-Art and Pin-Up style, his work combines imagery of luscious women with everyday commercialized items such as Coca-Cola bottles or hot dogs.

Influenced by mass media and popular culture and imbued with a fresh sensibility that is an ode to our time and contemporary existence, Martini Miss #1 features a voluptuous woman lounging in a martini glass.

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Emmanuelle Rybojad - Tableau Neon losange - turquoise / bleu ciel / blanc

A French contemporary artist, Emmanuelle Rybojad takes the viewers on a journey into the world of illusion. Inspired by the symbols of Pop Art mouvement and pop culture of the 70s, she creates works on a range of supports, such as mirrors, neon lights, LED and Plexiglas.

Composed of neon tubes and assembly of mirrors, Tableau Neon losange - turquoise / bleu ciel / blanc invites the viewer to be captured by what one sees and perceives.

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Jose Davila - Completed Cycle

Jose Davila a contemporary Mexican artist who reflects on the failure of utopian, modernist architectural principles in his assemblages, mixed-media works, photography and installations. Using different reproduction strategies, he seeks to dismantle the relation between form and content, as well as manifest the virtues and deficiencies of his references.

Created in 2019, Completed Cycle is a great example of the artist's unique aesthetics, evidencing both his education as an architect as well as his character of self-taught historian.

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Beverly Fishman - Envy #1 - 112

A multidisciplinary artist, Beverly Fishman creates provocative, visually electrifying works that combine the handmade with the industrial. Employing a range of techniques, she examines technological, scientific, and biological systems of perception and representation, instigating constructive conversations about the ways people see their bodies and minds and construct their identities.

Fishman has relentlessly sought out new materials and processes in order to realize her evolving vision. This 1999 work is executed in cast resin.

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Gabriel Rico - VI, from the series "More robust nature... more robust geometry"

In the work of Gabriel Rico, one object crisscrosses with another in the inter-objective configuration space. By pairing natural and unnatural objects, the artist creates sculptures and installations that invite viewers to reflect on the juxtaposition of the very elements that compose them.

The present piece seeks to deconstruct and recontextualize the formulation of the art object while highlighting the geometric imperfection in nature.

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