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September 30, 2020

Installation as an art form developed during the 1970s primarily out of the legacy of traditional sculpture, but also out of the avant-garde reconsideration of the same embodied in a ready-made. It belonged to the corpus of conceptual art which, in general, abandoned conventional representational models and moved elsewhere while creating a more inviting and in some cases participative environment for the viewer. Throughout more than four decades, this medium has evolved as various artists find it suitable to organize other media they are working with and present them all together.

For this edition of the collector's tip, we selected ten exceptional installations suitable for the interior or even exterior of your home that you enrich your collection.

Featured image: Laura Soprani - Tanta merda, 2018. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Fabrizio Corneli - Afrodite di Capua

The first installation artwork on our list was made by the Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli who came to prominence in the late 1970s for his light installations. By combining art and science, he explores the notion of perception through intriguing and almost transparent artworks that are best seen in the dark. Most often Corneli cuts paper sheets onto which the light beams are projected as the final manifestations are reminiscent of Greek sculpture and the Italian Renaissance, or they represent the fantastic universes imagined by the artist.

Afrodite di Capua is such a work made by Corneli in 2019.

Buy Afrodite di Capua here.

Adam Barker-Mill - Disco Volante

The British artist Adam Barker-Mill is best known for his light installation that he produces since the 1960s. Colorful, simplistic, and evocative of Op art and Minimalism, those aesthetically rounded artworks call upon the viewer to challenge their perceptual abilities and think of the modern-day notion of light.

Disco Volante is a subtle red monochrome work with the central yellow dot made by the artist in 2010.

Buy Disco Volante here.

Tunga - Bell’s Fall

The third installation artwork on our list was made by one of Brazil's best-known contemporary artists, Antonio José de Barros Carvalho e Mello Mourão who is simply referred to as Tunga. This particular figure expressed himself in different media spanning from sculpture to video and was known for the amazing, surrealist like imagery.

Bell’s Fall is an installation piece hanging from the ceiling made by the artist in 1998.

Buy Bell’s Fall here.

Caspian - What is the meaning

This particular work was made by Caspian is of a minimalist mindset, who works from his own history, stripping down the meaning of ideas and experiences; to the very essential points, answers or unanswered. Caspian is best known for textual works based on unfinished one-line sentences.

What is the meaning was made by the artist in 2016.

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Bharti Kher - Algorithms that create chance encounters

Bharti Kher is a British-Indian multidisciplinary artist whose practice is centered on the imagery of Hindu mythology and bindis, the traditional decorative forehead dot worn by Indian women. By using this symbol of femininity and matrimony, the artist explores an array of layers affiliated with the modern-day construction of gender, race, and social role.

Algorithms that create chance encounters is an object, installation that features bindis on the mirror.

Buy Algorithms that create chance encounters here.

Michael Snow - Powers of two

The sixth artwork on our list was made by a highly acclaimed experimental filmmaker, musician, and visual artist, Michael Snow. Throughout the years, this renowned figure expressed himself in a range of media while continually exploring phenomena such as language, temporality, and perception.

Powers of two is an installation consisting of four transparent color photographs made by the artist in 2003.

Buy Powers of two here.

Laura Soprani - Tanta Merda

The Italian painter, sculptor, and photographer Laura Soprani, who came to prominence in the 1980s, was largely inspired by the artists belonging to the international trend of Neo-Expressionism.

Tanta Merda is an assemblage made by Soprani in 2018.

Buy Tanta Merda here.

Cecile Raynal - Persona, ae: acteur, personne

This installation piece was made by a French sculptor Cecile Raynal who is best known for her figurative approach centered on a portrait. Her signature material is clay that allows the artist the possibility to express motion, and at the same time improvising with different expressions. The sculpture as a media for Raynal is a vehicle for constructing the fictive worlds between documentary and fiction that take into account different modes of human behavior.

Persona, ae: acteur, personne is a 2009 installation consisting of six smoke-fired stoneware and resin busts, three metal slabs, metallic structure.

Buy Persona, ae: acteur, personne here.

Jannis Kounellis - Untitled

Jannis Kounellis was a celebrated Greek-Italian artist and one of the leading proponents of Arte Povera, the Italian version of Minimal art. Best known for his remarkable 1969 installation that featured twelve live horses in an exhibition space, Kounellis worked with numerous media while exploring the alienation in contemporary society by extracting and refabricating the materials of mass production.

Untitled is an installation made by Kounellis in 2008.

Buy Untitled here.

Julieta Aranda - It will, it will. I've guaranteed it #6

The last installation piece on our list was made by the conceptual artist Julieta Aranda who examines concepts such as space, time, and the dissemination of information in her multimedia works. She often appropriates found objects to underline the tension between the imagined and the real.

It will, it will. I've guaranteed it #6 is the installation made by the artist in 2015.

Buy It will, it will. I've guaranteed it #6 here.

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