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June 13, 2020

Ever since ancient times, landscape was an important source of inspiration for the artists. The depictions of the sky, forests, hilltops, rivers, and mountains were explored mostly in Western painting and Chinese art, where the landscape had a significant spiritual quality. Until it became an autonomous genre, landscape was used as a scenery for the interaction of both divine and human figures.

Throughout the centuries, it passed through different stages and was even embraced for the propagation of national ideas based on the comprehension of the soil. However, this particular genre is still active today and is explored formally and thematically by numerous artists and regardless of the type of the media.

To celebrate the vibrancy and exceptional beauty of natural sites, we selected nine outstanding landscapes made by modern and contemporary artists that you can add to your collection while reading the text below.

Featured image: Christine Flynn - Cape Kiwanda, 2017. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Madeline Coy - Sahara

The works of the Venice-based writer and visual artist Madeline Coy are very much inspired by constant travels she undertakes throughout the world while seeking for new challenges and narratives.

Sahara is captivating oil on wood panel made by Coy in 2019.

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders - Pink Mountain

American artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders's painterly practice is based on photography. By observing closely found images, especially vintage slides, and dissecting them visually into fragments, the artist starts conceiving her own composition that is a result of the exploration of remembrance. The most prominent motif in her work are idyllic beach scenes.

This particular painting called Pink Mountain was made by the artist this year.

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Christine Flynn - Cape Kiwanda

Christine Flynn is a Canadian artist who works in photography and mixed media and gained critical acclaim for her landscape photography followed by abstract elements. With her works, she focuses on evoking nostalgia and changing the notion of travel photography while enabling the viewer to develop the feeling of recognition or belonging in an unknown place.

This landscape was taken by Flynn in 2017, as the title suggests, at the Cape Kiwanda State Park and recreational area.

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Andrew Francis - Tivyside

Coming up is the landscape made by Andrew Francis, a talented British illustrator, and painter. Since 2009, he pursues a full-time career as a visual artist, after moving from the graphic arts. Francis devotedly explores landscape painting while using different media, from acrylic and oil to collage and found materials. The artist most often depicts the surrounding nature around Wales and his home county of Ceredigion.

Tivyside is a beautiful landscape made by Francis in 2017.

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Etel Adnan - Montagne Sainte-Victoire 2

The sixth artwork on our list was made by the Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist, Etel Adnan. She is highly appreciated for her literary contribution, however, throughout the years Adnan created an impressive body of work based on the exploration of Arabic calligraphy and Japanese leporellos expressed in a variety of media including painting, films, and tapestries.

Montagne Sainte-Victoire 2 is a watercolor depicting a mountain in southern France made by the artist in 1990.

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Lisa Sanditz - Northern Border Blue

Lisa Sanditz is an American artist who uses the landscape genre to investigate the status of desecrated land as a reflection of the human impact, especially contemporary culture, and the economy. She is fascinated with locations that contain elements visually appealing for painterly interpretation that are upgraded with her vibrant use of colors and expressive forms.

Northern Border Blue is a painting made by Sanditz in 2016.

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Januri - Song Kamal Cave

Januri is an Indonesian contemporary artist who uses painting as a tool for social reflection. Since 1999 the artist is focused on the human figure depicted with transparent colors that were a gesture responding to the political situation in his native country. In recent years, the artist became more interested in the landscape that was previously used as a setback for the figures.

Song Kamal Cave is a beautiful depiction of a natural site made by the artist in 2018.

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Jacques Samu Kende - Landscape

The ninth artwork on our list was made by Hungarian landscape painter Jacques Samu Kende. Not much is known about this particular artist born in 1865 and active in Berlin, however, this painting definitely reflects his high level of skillfulness and enchantment with Romanticism.

Landscape is a painting made by Samu Kende in 1894.

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Roy Lichtenstein - Landscape, Guild Hall, East Hampton

The last artwork on our landscape top list was made by no other than the renowned Pop master, Roy Lichtenstein. His signature style characterized by the use of dots and inspired by comic strip cartoons and everyday objects made him one of the most prolific practitioners of Pop Art. Besides painting, Lichtenstein also worked with sculpture, murals, prints, and ceramics.

Landscape, Guild Hall, East Hampton is a vintage silkscreen made by the artist in 1980.

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