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February 6, 2020

Light art as an autonomous field of artistic expression has a long history dating practically from the beginning of the 20th century. It usually is an illuminated sculpture or an object where light is used to express variations of color, shadows and other optical effects. The first experiments with light were performed by the artists affiliated with the Constructivist and Bauhaus movements, such as El Lissitzky and László Moholy-Nagy. The modernist enchantment with light coincided with the vision of modern city bathed in the electric light.

All visual artists use light in some form, but for photography and motion pictures, this medium is of special importance. However, the invention of electrical artificial light enabled new experimentation expressed in the following years through kinetic and op art, Minimalism, as well as other branches such as projection mapping, digital graffiti, light painting, light art installation, and Neon art that culminated during the 1980s.

In the text below, you can buy seven outstanding contemporary light/neon art pieces for your collection.

Featured image: Tracey Emin - I could have loved my innocence... All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Glenn Kaino - Restricted Area

The renowned American conceptual artist Glenn Kaino emerged on the art scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s, at the peak of the notorious cultural wars happening in the States at the time. Throughout the years, Kaino managed to develop both aesthetically and formally balanced practice based on critically charged interrogations of various visual phenomena and technology. This artist works with painting, sculpture, performance, filmmaking, installation and public space.

The mesmerizing white neon piece Restricted Area was made by Kaino in 2017.

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Jorge Mendez Blake - Poetic Corner

This artwork was made by Brazilian artist Jorge Méndez Blake, who is known for exploring the relationship between literature and fine arts. His oeuvre encompasses drawings, sculptures, videos, and sound works that are most often referring to the masters of world literature such as Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Jules Verne, and William Shakespeare. To be more precise, Blake uses literature as a prime tool for articulating different social interactions and theoretical meanings.

Poetic Corner is a neon piece made by Jorge Mendez Blake in 2019.

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SUPERFLEX - There Are Other Fish In The Sea (Wall Version)

Next, we have a piece made by the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX. Founded by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen in 1993, they produced an array of projects based on the exploration of alternative conditions of economic production. Under that, SUPERFLEX are proposing various methods of self-organization, alternative energy production, and commodity production, and are often collaborating with experts coming from different disciplines.

This piece symbolically called There Are Other Fish In The Sea was produced by SUPERFLEX in 2019, ironically indicating the state of our oceans.

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Tracey Emin - I could have loved my innocence...

Tracey Emin surely is one of the leading artists on a global scale. Throughout her controversial practice, this prolific figure and one of the Young British Artists (YBAs) explored her own emotional states, sexuality, and identity. Best known for her seminal installation piece The Bed, Emin was the second woman to enter the Royal Academy as a professor, while her feminist-oriented works are highly appreciated by the collectors and art market.

I could have loved my innocence... is Emin’s well-known pink neon work made in 2007.

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Gabriel Rico - VI - from the series More robust nature... more robust geometry

Gabriel Rico is a Mexican artist mostly working with sculpture to create peculiar and often hybrid installations. By engaging with ceramics, neon, taxidermy, and other manufacturing methods, Rico produces works that tackle the relationship between humans and nature. Natural and unnatural forms are poetically entwined together in his works with the purpose of questioning the cultural and political flaws of contemporaneity.

This simplistic piece number VI was made of neon and a branch by Rico in 2018.

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Leila Pazooki - Object - Subject

Iranian born artist Leila Pazooki gained international attention for her practice based on the investigation of the concept of borders. She works with digital media, video and image editing, and her approach is based on text, language, and information.

The piece Object - Subject made out of neon tubes unravels the tension that often takes a considerable role in Leila Pazooki’s practice.

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Ai Weiwei - Thinline

Last but not least, this artwork was made by the acclaimed Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. Often described as the most influential artist of our time, this notable figure took art to a new direction by engaging himself often in politically motivated actions full of risk for he was eventually arrested and imprisoned; Weiwei explores contemporary migrations, human rights, and various inflictions related to contemporary imperialism and capitalism.

Thinline is an object made in 2017. Although less neon and more "regular" light-based work, it deals with the notion of national borders and language in a more poetical and abstract manner.

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