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October 4, 2015

Our recently launched online art gallery has been thriving with a variety of notable artworks. Coming from all around the world, different galleries, artists and creators are presented in the Widewalls online art gallery. The offer of available pieces to buy original art online is extensive, and each month we try to make it easier for you to choose your new favorite artwork, find the perfect gift for yourself or a unique surprise for someone. Whether it’s photography, painting, ceramic work, sculpture, poster or any other medium available, we’ve got you covered and set. Another very convenient thing we provide you with is the option to browse, join and become a part of our Widewalls community, gallery network and online art gallery for free, so before you start going through our selection of artworks for the month of September, go ahead and create your account for free.


The hype for the long-awaited continuation of the famous Star Wars saga is reaching its peak. So, anything related to the successful franchise is becoming hot again. Ryan Callanan’s Reservoir Trooper (Red) is an interesting piece which merged two globally recognized movie elements. The piece depicts the classic Reservoir Dogs entourage in their signature black suits and ties, but they are wearing various stormtroopers’ and other characters’ helmets from the Star Wars films. The 2 color silkscreen print on somerset 280gsm paper is signed and numbered, and is part of an edition of 25. For a relatively affordable sum, this piece could be a perfect fit for the movies’ fan.

Price: 500 USD ($)


Famous for his ceramic art, Charles Krafft usually produces pieces commemorating modern disasters. Assassins Kit by Charles Krafft is comprised of a revolver or any other hand gun (of your choice) with a switchblade knife in black velvet lined snap lid display case, the produced piece is life-sized and gives off a quite genuine feel. These pieces of art are made to order and it takes 8 weeks for production and shipping. Currently there is only 1 more left in stock, so go ahead and add it to your cart while you can.

Price: 1,800 €


Being a technologist, computer security researcher, journalist and a photographer, Jacob Appelbaum has been connected with WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Together with Andy Müller-Maguhn and Jérémie Zimmermann, Appelbaum contributed to Julian Assange’s 2012 book Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet. The piece entitled Julian Assange (undisclosed location near bail mansion outside of London), 2012, is a photograph on a cibachrome print, and is part of an edition of 5.

Price: 3,000 EUR (€)


Here’s a neat little piece by Olek and her famous crochet technique. As the creator stated, her madness becomes crochet, so why not own this small piece of her madness for an affordable sum? The crocheted object – clock, is covered with Olek’s signature motif in a camouflage pattern with vivid, fluorescent colors. The 17.78 x 17.78 x 10.16 cm art piece makes a perfect gift for someone, it is unusual, interesting and quite original. We all know at least one of those people for whom it’s almost impossible to find a gift they don’t already have or own, well, you can rest assure a crocheted clock would be something new for anyone’s collection.

Price: 800 USD ($)

<h2>SAM3 – SIESTA</h2>

The ironic and poetic Spanish creator, Sam3, is famous for his black and white paintings which remind of silhouettes or shadows. Often captured in a state of metamorphosis, his characters and figures are depicted with phantasmagorical roots growing out of their bodies. Siesta is a lovely piece of Sam3’s art done as a silkscreen/screenprint on Hahnemühle paper. Signed and numbered by the Sam3, the artwork is available for sale and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Pretty Portal gallery.

Price: 200 EUR (€)

Jolipunk – The Merry Grandpas

Best known for his series of photographs entitled Fucking Tourists, featuring local populations from all around the world with their middle finger up at the camera, Jolipunk is an artist provocateur, who employs the absurd to criticize the contemporary society. The Merry-Maker Grandpas is a photographic portrait of two old-aged men, naturally, with their middle fingers pointed towards the camera and aimed at the fictional tourist. The certain feeling of satisfaction and bliss is evident on the faces of the two men who are able to tell the tourists of the world what most people think, but dare not say/show. Properly entitled The Merry Grandpas, the photograph is available for sale.

Cept – The Reckoning

Mixing pop art, graffiti and psychedelia, Cept is a British contemporary artist and a legend in the UK graffiti scene. His piece entitled The Reckoning exudes a superhero/comic book vibe. The acrylic on canvas painting is a colorful fusion of Cept’s influences and styles. If you are a fan of such themes, have a look at our article where you can find an extensive selection of superhero-themed artworks for sale. The Reckoning by Cept is a unique piece of art and it comes signed by the artist.

Price: 4,200 USD ($)

Jan Kalab – Black Intentions

Following a natural path of evolution, Jan Kalab moved from street art into galleries. Using acrylics, brushes and a spray gun sometimes, Kalab creates vibrant, colorful pieces that evoke a feeling of visual satisfaction when gazed upon. The slick lines and precise geometrical shapes of the painting entitled Black Intentions are exquisite and seem to have a natural flow to them. The painting is not a standard piece of work, the framework and the art piece seem to intertwine, thus forming a three dimensional experience. Black Intentions is available for sale, and if the price seems a bit too high for you, browse through other works of Jan Kalab in our online art market, there are several other pieces from the same series of work available for sale. Also, have a read through our interview with the artist himself.

Price: 6,500 EUR (€)

C215 – Don’t Panic

One of the top stencil artists in the world, often dubbed as “France’s answer to Banksy”, C215 is definitely one of the legendary veterans who are still kicking ass. The piece entitled Don’t Panic is a painting made with aerosol on archers coldpress, and it depicts a rather unsettling facial expression based on a terrific picture of Marcus Mac Bride. The frantic look of the portrayed face is exuding the vibe of anything other than a calming “don’t panic”, and it really stops you in your tracks to wonder for a moment – what is the reason behind the madness.

4,400 AUD ($)

Vermibus – Unblessed

Our recent artist of the week, Vermibus is a Spanish artist whose work criticizes and explores the aesthetic value of the consumer society and its dehumanization of our identity. Unblessed is a work on paper created with a solvent on original advertising poster, it is an edition of one and is available for sale. The artwork features a portrait of a woman whose face is drastically altered with numerous layers of paint, brushstrokes and besmirched colors. His work may seem creepy and unpleasant to some, but it does convey a certain message that keeps the viewer’s eyes and thoughts focused on the piece. If you want to find out more about the artist and his new ambitious artistic project, have a read through our interview with Vermibus.

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