10 Suggestions for Those Who Want to Buy Original Art Online

December 3, 2015

Having in mind those who want to buy original art online, Widewalls has created its own Marketplace, where galleries from all around the world can put their best artwork on sale. Growing steadily, it is turning into a proper, rich and versatile art space itself, aiming to meet every taste and style. From the most iconic artists to the most promising emerging talent, our Marketplace represents a trusting platform and helping hand in finding the next perfect addition to your art collection. In our latest list of suggestions, we gathered many media, movements and techniques, going from rare photographic work of Gerhard Richter to small-scale pieces by prominent graffiti and street artists such as Pixel Pancho and MadC, to an exquisite sculpture made from centuries old oak tree. Make sure you click on the link below each artwork to see more details and eventually make your purchase. Happy shopping!

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Graphic Surgery - Fragmentation

From Paris and Galerie Celal comes a colourful, glitchy, slightly psychedelic painting by Graphic Surgery, an artistic duo composed of Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra. This acrylic on canvas piece represents a fine example from their artistic oeuvre, as the artists are interested in an unusual depiction of urban environment, architectural and industrial elements. As the title suggests, what appears to be a construction crane is being fragmented into various blocks of color and dissected into rectangular shapes, to create an appealing composition.

See Fragmentation here.

Pixel Pancho - Capra

When he’s not painting his robotic creatures on giant walls all around the world, he does it on paper. In this particular piece, Italian artist Pixel Pancho, whose real name is Marco Bertolli, depicted a slightly eerie goat, who is half real and half made of metal elements. Perfectly executed, it is a watercolour and pen on cotton paper in a hand-made wooden box, and it comes signed by the artist straight from Pretty Portal Gallery in Dusseldorf. For as little as 610€, it could become a part of your collection today!

See Capra here.

Fabio Zanino and Rems182 - Deconstruction, Mandrill

The collaboration between Italian graffiti artists Fabio Zanino and Rems182, aka Emanuele Ronco, was recently put together for an exhibition at Punto618 Gallery in Venaria, Italy. Now, this art space is offering their spray on canvas painting, created this year. It reflects on Rems182’s brilliant style which mixes graffiti with figuration and Fabio Zanino’s sculptural abilities, in order to jointly create the notions of deconstruction. This series features portraits of animals, and this particular piece depicts a very colourful mandrill.

See Deconstruction, Mandrill here.

Parra - My Five Cents

If you’re a fan of post-Pop saturated imagery, this could be the perfect artwork for you. Made by Dutch artist Parra, aka Pieter Janssen, this acrylic on canvas features a total of four colors and one big pun. Found at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery from Cologne, it offers itself to anyone who is a fan of post-Pop imagery, cartoonish characters, obvious yet playful puns and of course Parra, who is something of a legend in his field of creation. Let’s not forget, he is ever-inspired by “the everyday and the awkward” and his art seems to be depicting exactly that.

See My Five Cents here.

Nuart Festival 15th Anniversary Boxset

For 8.500 Norwegian Krones, or little over 900€, you could own a great set of screenprints from the 15th edition of Nuart Festival, held in Norway. Coming in an edition of 100 and put on sale by Reed Projects gallery, the boxset contains the works of Bortusk Leer, Dotdotdot, Dotmasters, Ella & Pitr, Futura, Icy and Sot, Isaac Cordal, Jamie Reid, M-City, Martha Cooper, Martin Whatson, Mobstr, Pixel Pancho and Sandra Chevrier. So many great names in one place, don’t you think? Great start if you want to buy original art online.

See Nuart Festival 15th Anniversary Boxset here.

Gerhard Richter - Aladin

Based on Gerhard Richter’s Flow paintings, which were created by capturing poured enamel paints on a glass surface, these editions are chromatographic prints of high-resolution photographs of the originals, mounted on aluminium. Referred to by the artist as “facsimile object” and released by Serpentine Galleries, Aladin is a C-print on aluminium, numbered and available in an edition of 500. Here on sale at Weng Contemporary in Zug, Switzerland, for $7.000.

See Aladin here.

Andy Warhol - Fish

The 1983 print Fish by the legendary Andy Warhol is based on the wallpaper used as a backdrop for the exhibition Paintings for Children. This screenprint on silk scarf can be found at Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami and it represents the artist’s simple, yet impactful way of incorporating drawn contours into the most ordinary objects and scenarios, that way turning them into his own, recognizable artworks. In this case, we have two examples of fish, and we’re stunned by their simple beauty. The piece was also authenticated by the Andy Warhol Estate.

See Fish here.

David Uessem - Tar Skin

People having paint poured over their heads is what one can often see in the work of German painter and illustrator David Uessem. In his Tar Skin oil and acrylic on canvas painting, we see an incredibly photorealistic portrait of a man whose face is covered in tar, in a beautiful mix of whites, greys and blacks. The artist often paints contemporary matters to perfection, and human figures seem to be his specialty. Cologne’s Ministry of Walls has this 2014 work on sale, as a unique and signed piece, ready to become part of your art collection.

See Tar Skin here.

MadC - 18-57

Dortmund’s 44309 Street Art Gallery can be proud of having a remarkable artist such as MadC among their exhibitors. The talented graffiti artist from Germany is known for her colourful abstract pieces and murals, but she creates equally well on canvas. Her 18-57 painting is an acrylic and watercolour on canvas, it is a unique piece signed by the artist. It sees MadC’s trademark stripes of colors, greens, blues, pinks and their shades. The work was featured in her exhibition Night and Day at the gallery.

See 18-57 here.

Steph Cop - Aro.Organum

Steph Cop is an artist who turns centuries old oak trees into his signature ARO characters. Such is the case with his Aro Organum piece, made from a 600 years old oak tree. A 140cm tall, the wooden sculpture is offered by David Bloch Gallery from Marrakech, and it was featured in the artist’s solo exhibition at the Morocco, entitled Neurogamie and held in the fall of 2012. Steph Cop’s AROs represent the result of nature and machine meeting to create a stunning work of art and give history a whole new meaning for the future.

See Aro.Organum here.

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