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January 16, 2020

The appearance of a pale family of colors better known as pastel colors can be traced back to the Renaissance, although their usage boomed in the 18th century. As a matter of fact, we are speaking about the autonomous medium usually in the form of a stick made of pure powdered pigment and a binder.

The very technique is demanding since the pastel is used and blended directly on the surface and colors cannot be tested on a palette before they are applied. The experimentation with the medium is usually conducted on a small scale so that the larger composition could be released with fewer mistakes. Among best-known pastel colors are baby blue, pink, mauve, mint, peach, lavender, and periwinkle. During the 1980s the pastels became a huge hit in popular culture, and especially in fashion.

For this edition of our collectors' tip, we decided to feature ten exceptional pastel artworks by a group of famous and less known contemporary artists that you can to your collection while reading the text.

Featured image: Jeff Koons - Antiquity (Ariadne Titian Bacchus Popcorn). All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Kyong Lee - Situated Somewhere 03

The first artwork on our top list was made by a Korean abstract artist Kyong Lee, known for her simplistic painterly explorations of form, material, and color. Her work is characterized by meticulous color fields that seem to float in an undetermined space. The process of constructing the composition starts from layering the tape strips across the surface after which the layers of paint are applied for some time. This accumulation enables the gradation created between colors and moments.

This particular work titled Situated Somewhere 03 nicely illustrates the sophisticated and contemplative realities of Kyong Lee.

Buy the artwork here.

Matthieu Venot - N°14, Illusions series

Next up is the work by the self-taught French photographer Matthieu Venot. His aesthetic is based on the compositional relationships found in the urban environment. By focusing on details (a roof, a wall, a balcony), Venot captures abstract, yet emotionally charged compositions saturated with color and light. His visual language is reminiscent of both Minimalism and Constructivism.

The photograph N°14 from the Illusions series depicts beautifully arranged pastel balcony bathed in sun.

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Patrick Wilson - Catfish Hole

Patrick Wilson is an abstract painter who explores aesthetic harmony through his well-balanced and almost mathematically calculated works. The artist uses different materials such as masking tape, drywall tools, and paint rollers, to construct the colorful compositions that, similarly like the photographs of the previous artist on our list, recall the legacy of inter and postwar abstract movements spanning from Bauhaus and De Stijl to Minimalism.

Catfish Hole is Wilson’s painting done in pastel colors and it shows how devoted the artist is when it comes to color and form.

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Jesse La Flair - Mask Off

The following artwork on our pastel top list was made by Jesse La Flair, a person better known as a free-runner, who also operates as an artist. Namely, he received the attention for his large scale abstract paintings inspired by sound and songs.

Mask Off is a good example of La Flair’s painterly practice; a pastel canvas with integrated speaker surrounded with embellished colorful pills.

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Jeff Koons - Antiquity (Ariadne Titian Bacchus Popcorn)

This piece was made by no other than one of the world’s leading artists Jeff Koons. This renowned figure came to prominence in the 1980s for his multidisciplinary and to a certain extent controversial works that fetishized popular culture. Koons is best known for his balloon animal sculptures sold at extremely high prices, as well as other works through which the artist explored themes like sex, race, gender, and fame.

The piece Antiquity is Koons’ interpretation of the classical theme.

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Manoela Medeiros - Solar imminence (90 days)

This work was made by Manoela Medeiros, the representative of a younger generation of Brazilian artists. She expresses herself through various media such as painting, sculpture, and installations while delivering abstract narratives concerning time and space.

Solar imminence (90 days) is a beautiful pastel canvas that evokes both the aesthetic of Op art and Minimalism.

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George Henry Longly - Zodiac (Leo)

George Henry Longly is a London based artist known for his interdisciplinary practice mostly expressed through installations. His works are often associative and are bound in the modernist legacy. However, by carefully compiling the objects in constellations, the artist builds a specific environment saturated with an array of formal and conceptual liaisons that include the artist himself, the audience, as well as surrounding objects and gallery.

The work Zodiac (Leo) is a marble panel made by the artist in 2016.

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Gunther Forg - Standomi 15

Following up is the work by a renowned German painter, sculptor, graphic designer and photographer Günther Förg whose aesthetic was largely influenced by American abstract painting. Through his abstractions, the artist explored the domains of form and color while often combining different materials and media.

Standomi 15 is an abstract pastel watercolor made by Förg in 2001.

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Young-il Ahn - Water YLMF 19

This work was produced by the renowned Korean-American artist Young-Il Ahn. Since the mid-1960s, he has been focusing on the cultural heritage of his native country, and although abstract his works are fulfilled with melancholy and nostalgia. Young Il Ahn's best-known series, Water (inspired by his 1983 near-death incident on the Pacific Ocean) marked the artist’s ultimate stylistic shift from semi abstraction to complete abstraction.

The work Water YLMF 19 is apparently affiliated with the mentioned series and was made by Young-Il Ahn in 2019.

Buy the artwork here.

Jennifer Chalklen - I Know Where To Go

The last pastel artwork on our list was made by the mostly self-taught contemporary artist from New Zealand Jennifer Chalklen. Her realistic portraits of goodly looking women are interwoven with symbolism that evokes strength and unity, as well as an array of spiritual and cultural references.

I Know Where To Go is an outstanding evocation of female beauty and tenderness, and was made by the artist in 2019.

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