Adding The Color Red To Your Art Collection

April 30, 2020

Most often described as the color of love, red is also anthropologically associated with courage and sacrifice. Red is an integral part of the RGB color model in which, together with blue and green, it enables and an array of other colors and shades, and is often found in nature.

Since the 19th-century red became the color of revolution as Soviet Russia adopted a red flag following the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, as well as in other communist countries. In the contemporary moment, in Europe and the United States red is most often associated with passion, sexuality, anger, heat, and various celebrations, while in India, China, and other Asian countries this color represents good fortune and happiness.

In visual arts, this color was used since the prehistoric cave drawings, to the medieval times, the Renaissance, and modern art, and is still frequently used regardless of the medium.

To celebrate this outstanding color we selected ten exceptional artworks in red that you can add to your collection while reading the text below.

Featured image: Miss CoCo - Vache suisse, 2016. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Cleon Peterson - Pisser II

The first artwork on our red list was made by the American artist Cleon Peterson, known for his critically charged monochromatic works. His imagery is reminiscent of the one found on Roman vases, but also of the sensibility typical for the early 1980s. By articulating his personal experience and a spectrum of wider social and political themes, Peterson develops both conceptually and visually captivating works centered on clashing figures.

This particular print was made by the artist in 2008 and it depicts a sexually explicit scene which seems to feature President Trump, in a stark black and red pattern.

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Pener - Blood Creepin

This artwork was made by the prolific Polish graffiti artist Bartek Świątecki, better known as Pener. He started tagging the walls in the mid 1990s and throughout the years his style developed into a simplistic and geometrically based imagery most reminiscent of Cubism and Futurism. Pener is especially interested in the form, shape, and nature of mixed material, and express him self on wall, through paintings, animation and site specific installation.

This particular painting called Blood Creepin nicely represents the artist’s specific style.

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Hachiro Kanno - TN 566

Hachiro Kanno is a Japanese painter whose painterly practice is based on his Oriental heritage mixed with Western influences. On one hand, Japanese calligraphy is of his utmost concern, especially the tracing of each line, while on the other Kanno is =influenced by the Shinto religion. His abstractions are extensions of timeless themes presented in a more contemporary manner. Kanno mostly works with Japanese ink and acrylic, but he also expresses himself through Land Art, performance, conferences, demonstrations, direction and stage setting of operas, and Zen space design.

TN 566 is a beautiful and tender ink and acrylic on canvas made in 2011.

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Elizabeth Peyton - Julian

This artwork was made by the distinct American figurative painter Elizabeth Peyton. She works with painting, drawing, and printmaking and is best known for her captivating portraits of friends, celebrities, and historical figures. Peyton’s distinct style is characterized by immediacy and modulated surfaces. The artist is inspired by the works of modernists such as Flaubert, Sargent, Balzac, and Delacroix.

Julian is a print made by Elizabeth Peyton in 2006 of musician Julian Casablancas.

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Miss CoCo - Vache Suisse

Miss Coco is a French artist who approaches painting as an emotional process in a way similar to Jackson Pollock’s iconic dripping technique. By referring to popular culture and art history, especially the works of Pierre Soulages and Georges Mathieu, she creates works saturated with quirky, yet balanced imagery. Miss CoCo skillfully translates abstraction in her own right in eclectic fashion.

Vache Suisse is a sculpture representing a red bull made by the artist in 2016.

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Bruno Munari - Studio di design

Coming up is the artwork made by the acclaimed Italian artist, designer, and inventor Bruno Munari who contributed greatly to many fields of visual arts in Modernism, Futurism, and Concrete art, but also in other arts with his research on games, movement, tactile learning, and creativity. Munari came to prominence in the 1920s after joining joined the Italian Futurist movement; during that time he made collages for Italian magazines and produced sculptural works. After World War II the artist distanced himself from Italian Futurism because of its Fascist affiliations and continued acting as an important graphic designer.

Studio di design is a print made by Bruno Munari in 1947.

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Harry Moody - Abstract with red

Under the influence of Gerhard Richter, Johannes Schreiter, and Josef Beuys, the critically acclaimed American abstract artist Harry Moody developed an authentic and rather expressive style based on the exploration of color, composition, and patterns. Moody usually performs the layering principle for which he uses brushes and palette knives to apply oil paint in layers.

The painting Abstract with red perfectly represents Moody’s style.

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Pat McDermott - Analog

Pat McDermott is a recognized American artist known for the distinct minimal palette and purified shapes. His signature abstractions featuring tube-like structures reveal the artist’s capacity to avoid categorization. Although mysterious, these poetic and dazzling forms twisting across the canvas are inviting the observer to contemplate.

Analog is one of the paintings depicting tubular forms that was made by the artist in 2017-18.

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Aimee Farnet Siegel - Clementine

This simplistic monochrome artwork was made by an American artist and lecturer Aimee Farnet Siegel, best known for her abstract collages. She usually works with the found and hand-painted paper to create constellations that go beyond the two-dimensional plane of the canvas. Siegel is mostly focused on connections and space between while exploring the tension created between close objects that do not touch.

Clementine is an acrylic painted paper made by the artist in 2019.

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Jill Baroff - For your love

The last red artwork on our list was made by Jill Baroff, an American artist who built her aesthetic under the influence of Japanese architecture. She is best known for her minimalist and colorful constellation expressed either through the media of drawing or sculpture. By smoothly exploring the concept of repetition and serialism the artist delivers intriguing and unpretentious artworks embedded in the legacy of Minimalism and Conceptual art.

For your love belongs to the series of her Floor installations and was made by Baroff in 2014.

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