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October 11, 2015

Ever since there was art, there was sexy art. Whether it was about the naked human body or sexual acts, art makers found great inspiration in these topics, which even today continue to provoke, excite, allure and intrigue. Sexy art could also be called erotic art, often coming incredibly close to becoming pornography, yet managing to maintain that one notion which separates it from this industry - it leaves plenty of room for imagination. Today, there are many artworks which celebrate the art of erotica, and many of them can be found in our ever-growing Marketplace, ranging from photography prints to etchings, paintings and drawings. If you’re looking to expand your collection with some sensuality on paper, you’re at the right place. jonathan jones

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Nobuyoshi Araki - Self-Life-Death

The raw, sometimes condemned photographs of celebrated Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki are among the most recognizable in the world of photography, and sexy art as well. This print, entitled Self-Life-Death from 2004 is offered by London’s Zooart, so if you’re into bondage, or just a fan of his work, this is the right purchase for you.

Helmut Newton - Domestic Nude X, Hollywood

Helmut Newton is a celebrated fashion and portrait photographer well known for his remarkable nudes, and this 1993-94 Domestic Nude X, Hollywood is one fine example of them. Coming in an edition of 5, it demonstrates the artist’s impeccable ability to capture his models’ natural beauty and sensuality.

Greg Gorman - Sisters, 1990-2000

Known as one of the most famous Hollywood photographers out there, Greg Gorman is also dedicated to the art of nude, which follows his trademark style of playing with shadows and light. Part of a series, the Sisters image shows the graciousness of a kiss between two nude women, as if taken on the Hollywood Red carpet.

Nan Goldin - Jens’ Hand on Clemens’ Back, Paris

Nan Golding, being one of the most successful (female) photographers out there, redefined the rules of documentary photography and introduced us to an underground NYC culture we never knew before - at least not in such honest and direct way. A perfect depiction of that is her 2001 photograph Jens’ Hand on Clemens’ Back.

Helmut Newton - Cyberwoman

Because he has made so much of sexy art, we go back to Helmut Newton one more time, to showcase his 2000 print Cyberwoman 6. What’s interesting and intriguing about this one is that the model seems to be posing in a regular “sexy” photoshoot, only her facial expression doesn’t exactly reveal her pleasantry.

Greg Gorman - Jeff Koons, Los Angeles

As I said, Greg Gorman has been taking photos of celebrities, and among them there are those who do visual arts, like Jeff Koons. His pricey artworks are no secret, but neither is his controversial past, and one small part of it is captured in the Jeff Koons, Los Angeles print. With this photograph, you’re basically buying a piece of art history.

Pablo Picasso - Suite 347: 8 Septembre

If you want to see the other side of Pablo Picasso (pun intended), then you might be interested in his erotic etchings, one of them being Suite 347: 8 Septembre 1968. It is actually quite entertaining to see a rather explicit sex scene done in Picasso style, involving his signature Cubist characters and a colorless scenario.

Be sure to check out other works by Picasso on our marketplace!

Anthony Lister - Untitled Coffee Drawing

From a series of Untitled Coffee Drawings comes the one you’re seeing, created by the talented Australian artist Anthony Lister. There’s something alluring about this simple drawing covered in coffee stains that evoke the color of the skin, and among all the drawings by the artist, this one might just be the most beautiful one.

Tom Wesselmann - Monica Reclining On Blanket And Pillow

Pop artist Tom Wesselmann created a few of sexy art pieces of his own during his rich career. His Monica Reclining on Blanket and Pillow enamel on cut-out steel sees a classical-inspired nude using the usual Pop art colors, but only as an outline, rather than as a fill-out. The work is signed and comes in edition of 25.

Annie Leibovitz - Keith Haring, New York

Now, here’s a really unusual nude - we don’t know whether you should get 1986 this photographic print, because it’s Annie Leibovitz, or because it’s Keith Haring, or because it’s Keith Haring naked, or because it’s Keith Haring naked and covered in his own designs. Or maybe because of all of the above. Comes in an edition of 40 from Robert Fontaine Gallery.

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