Small Artworks For a Big Art Collection!

August 26, 2020

At first glance, the impression is that the art collectors are mostly fascinated with large-scale artworks that cover the walls of their lavish estates. However, in the recent years, small artworks seem to be gaining more popularity, in part because they feature the artist’s skillfulness better than the large ones.

Another determining factor might be the price, since small artworks are most often more affordable and therefore more accessible to different buyers who are presumably interested in technique, approach, and precision required to maintain small format captivating for the eye of the beholder.

For this edition of collector’s tip we selected ten exquisite small artworks (up to 50 x 50 cm) which you can add to your art collection as you read the text below.

All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Amy Bennett – Rubber Gloves

American artist Amy Bennett is best known for her signature paintings depicting exteriors and interiors of different households. Her captivating and 3D-rendered compositions show the artist’s ability to explore the thin line between reality and the imagination. Probably inspired by the eeriness of Edward Hopper’s depictions of American life, the suburbs upstate from New York City to the Hudson Valley, as well as Google Earth images of towns, and old city maps, she develops intriguing portraits of everyday that seem like dreams.

Rubber Gloves is only 10.2 x 12.7 cm large and it depicts a domestic scene that looks like a sequence from a famous life simulation video game the Sims.

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Sang-Sik Hong – Mouth Red

South Korean artist Sang-Sik Hong gained international recognition for his unusual sculptures made of plastic straws. By using this particular material, the artist tends to dismantle our everyday framed by consumerism. His pale pink works evoke the flashy physicality of our existence as well as a significant dose of eroticism.

The artwork Mouth Red, as the title suggests features lush lips, while perfectly illustrating Hong’s aesthetic.

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Brad Robson – Tomato Gourmet Garage series study 3

A self-taught Australian painter, Brad Robson is known for his unique abstract approach to portraiture that is primarily rooted in expressionism. The artist often returns to pop art and graffiti as a source of inspiration while producing both large scale projects and small formats. His powerful and dynamic strokes evoke a sense of immediate fluctuation whether the final compositions look finished or unfinished.

This particular small format was made by the artist in 2015 and it belongs to his Tomato Gourmet Garage series.

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Poem – Think Simplicity Rules

The fourth artwork on our small artworks list was made by the legendary American graffiti artist Poem, who emerged in the 1980s out of New York City subway art movement. After his art was featured in Subway Art, the most influential book on graffiti art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, Poem gained fame not only as a pioneering graffiti artist but as an influential publisher of a graffiti art magazine called "Flashbacks".

Think Simplicity Rules is a drawing made by the artist in 2016.

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Takesada Matsutani – Flower

Takesada Matsutani is a Japanese multimedia artist and a former member of the famed Gutai group. Best known for a signature technique of blowing a gust of air into a puddle of vinyl wood glue, throughout the years the artist experimented with other materials and media while remaining loyal to abstraction. Inspired by the microscopic views of organic forms and shapes, Matsutani creates slightly erotic works saturated with sensuousness.

Flower is a simplistic painting made by Matsutani in 2017.

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Sair García – Untitiled

The next small artwork on our list was made by the Colombian artist Sair García who came to prominence for his critically engaged works focused on the context of his homeland especially regarding the refuge crisis. Mostly working with drawing, painting, engravings and sculptures, Garcia creates poetical and almost contemplative compositions that underline the notion of home and belonging.

This particular Untitled miniature depicts a typical Colombian countryside landscape.

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Danusia Wurm – Star Gazer

British sculptress Danusia Wurm is interested in zoomorphic forms, mostly horses, that are expressed in bronze and ceramic. Inspired by Alberto Giacometti and Elizabeth Frink, Wurm continues the tradition of modernist sculpture by giving it a dash of contemporary vigor.

Star Gazer is a miniature of a horse that perfectly captures her interest and approach.

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Elena Zelenina – Enriching Sisterhood

For more than three decades, the Russian-born American artist Elena Zelenina has been acting as painter and more importantly as an international educator with her experience spanning the US, Russia, and India. She is known for dreamy, surrealistic paintings interwoven with different references and rooted in her spiritual beliefs.

Enriching Sisterhood is a work on paper produced by the artist in 2017.

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Marc C. Woehr - N 48.77602 E 9.17314

This particular small artwork was made by German contemporary artist Marc C. Woehr. His monumental city paintings and sculptural wooden relief constructions made him quite an established artist in international art circles. The artist grew out of Stuttgart's graffiti and skateboarding scene of the late 1980s, and it wasn’t until 2000’s that he moved to the studio to produce paintings on canvas. His style is characterized by the dynamism of the urban experience.

N 48.77602 E 9.17314 was made by the artist in 2017.

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Arvid Boecker – #1361

The last small artwork on our list was produced by the German artist Arvid Boecker. Inspired by the legacy of the Bauhaus as well as the early post-war abstraction, especially the Color field painting, his artistic practice is centered on the exploration of color. Modulations and variations of the pigments stand as a driving force behind his entire work. Boecker numbers the images and describes the series as "picture families".

#1361 is an oil on canvas made by the artist in 2020.

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