Welcoming Winter Wonderland Into Your Art Collection

December 22, 2019

Winter has always been the most challenging season for artists to depict, going against the appetite for bright light and the nude body that drew artists from the ancient Greeks to Matisse to celebrate the warmth of summer. However, snow cover, long nights, and hibernation of nature have inspired artists to work with cold colors, depicting winter beauty in numerous shades of white and blue.

In anticipation of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we have prepared a real winter wonderland in art. Check out these ten contemporary pieces that depict different aspects of this season. The best thing is that you can own these works right now!

Featured image: Therese James - The Shy Snowman (detail), 2015. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Jim Buckels - Winterset Farm

An American contemporary artist, Jim Buckels is widely known for his lithographs and serigraphs, but also his acrylic paintings. In his works, the artist juxtaposes a precisely detailed reality with an otherworldly enchantment that both dazzles the eye and captures the imagination.

A winter scene, Winterset Farm focuses on an architectural landscape that combines the real and the surreal. It demonstrates Buckels' painstaking attention to detail.

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JMR - Winter

A New York-based artist, JMR combines established art and street art in the form of neo-abstract expressionist works. He creates renderings of early Abstract expressionists’ ideas in his own view, characterized by a distinct choice of color, finesse, movement and tone.

Titled Winter, the present work features JMR's distinct bold curves and lines punched with bright color. A great symphony of shapes pulsating into one another, the work is at once, serious and sensual, energetic and fearless.

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Word To Mother - Winter Winds

A British artist, Word to Mother creates uniquely layered paintings drawing from a range of influences, combining hand-drawn personal sentiments, emotions and feelings that he executes in the form of a loose script. The resulting works are melancholic yet fun and playful.

Painted in 2016, Winter Winds features a ghostly figure that appears caught between the imagination of our past and the present-day reality.

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Matthew Langley - Sometimes in Winter

An American abstract artist, Matthew Langley creates layered abstract works that show the perfect balance between colors and processes, mark makings and fields, scales and relationships, between what is planned and what is improvised.

Sometimes in Winter is part of the Painting A Day series. While demonstrating Langley's focus on scale, stroke and surface, these works also carry the concerns of the smaller artworks, mark-making, gesture and color.

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Therese James - The Shy Snowman

A British naive painter, Therese James relies purely on instinct, developing her own style with expressive characters. She works from a compulsion to recreate what she feels and sees. As she explained, her paintings are a journey of discovery, never knowing how she is going to get there.

A vivid winter landscape, The Shy Snowman is executed in the artist's typical style. It shows a scene where the snow has settled, welcoming a whimsical cast of characters that enjoy its wonders.

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Farhad Moshiri - SNOW FOREST 002A

A contemporary Iranian artist, Farhad Moshiri has developed his own artistic style in which he blurs the boundaries between Iranian and Western cultures. His witty but thought-provoking pieces draw inspiration from pop and conceptual art, comics, classical portraiture, advertising and religious iconography.

A monochrome work, SNOW FOREST 002A is a bead embroidery, created through a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. It is based on a photograph that Moshiri took in Iran many years ago.

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Tony Tasset - Untitled (Snowman)

Tony Tasset is an American multimedia artist best known for his large-scale public sculptures that invoke viewers to engage and experience artist’s intentional connections between the given subject and themselves. Characterized by wisdom and wit, his work continuously contends with the trappings of modernism, postmodern theory, pop culture and the universal human emotions.

Using glass, resin, brass, enamel and oil paint, poly-styrene, stainless steel and bronze, Tasset created a sculpture that depicts a snowman melting away.

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Andy Warhol - Photograph of Jon Gould in the Snow in Aspen

Having a unique approach to the medium of photography, Andy Warhol saw it as a way to capture all the real things and to keep a visual diary. He is best known for his 1970s Polaroids, but also his larger black-and-white pictures that were repeatedly produced by the artist up until the day he died in 1987.

Created in 1983, Photograph of Jon Gould in the Snow in Aspen shows one of Warhol’s closest friends during the 1980s, with whom Warhol shared a complex relationship. He and Gould met in 1980 when Andy was 51 and Jon was a 27-year-old movie executive living in Los Angeles. Gould passed away in 1986 at the age of 33.

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Calo Carratala - Large Benasque 2, Snow series

A Spanish artist based in Torrent, Calo Carratala is celebrated for his monumental landscape paintings. He has been described as a painter of distant proximities, of familiar distances, of our land and of the earth, of all the lands, of all parts.

A part of the Snow series, Large Benasque 2 shows a winter mountain landscape, appearing troubling, even worrying, but also grand, inviting admiration and contemplation.

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Inka Essenhigh - Snowflake (Pink)

An American contemporary artist, Inka Essenhigh is known for her richly colored distorted fables peopled with archetypes, sprites, and anthropomorphized nature. Her fluid, dreamlike imagery that often results from automatic drawing and free association, references graphic novels and the golden age of animation.

Depicting an everyday scene, Snowflake (Pink) is infused with a dreamlike, surreal sensibility, transformed into a grand epic scene.

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