Something Strange This Way

December 1, 2014

The Canadian art duo Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller is probably best known as a pair of artists devoted to the medium of sound. Although this medium represents the key “ingredient” of their methodology, the collaboration of Cardiff and Miller actualizes through many forms of expression, especially in relation to artistic installation. Their interventions since the middle 1990s resonate an intricate whole which incorporates found objects, special effects, music and intriguing metanarratives. It could be argued that the duo relies on the vast field of popular culture for inspiration. However, the artists do not focus on the, say entertainment industry or amusement parks per se, but rather on the moods and reactions these discourses might induce. The installations of Cardiff and Miller actually represent an amalgam of various subtextual stimuli, referencing different forms of narrative. This kind of articulation can be expected at AroS Aarhus Art Museum.

Installation Art, AroS Aarhus Art Museum
Cardiff and Miller

AroS Aarhus Art Museum

AroS had an official opening in 2004, in the presence of the museum’s Patron Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. Situated in the heart of Aarhus, AroS is one of the largest art museums in Europe. The entire space resonates the diversity of international creative input, both on the level of architecture as well as practice. The museum consists of four large exhibition galleries, each devoted to featuring of special shows. Presenting work of national and international artists, the gallery spaces have been venues for show of many creative individuals such as Olafur Eliasson, Paul McCarthy, Wim Wenders, Bill Viola, Shirin Neshat and Robert Rauschenberg. Arguably, one of the most interesting aspects of the museum is The 9 Rooms in the basement, featuring light, video and installation art…

Installation Art, AroS Aarhus Art Museum
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Experiment in F# Minor, The Cabinet and The Storm Room

In order to better understand and somewhat prepare ourselves for the exhibition at AroS, let us turn briefly to a few aesthetically paradigmatic artistic achievements by the two artists. Experiment in F# Minor represents a collection of bare speakers of various sizes. The edge of the table is “equipped” with light sensors, rendering the installation to “react” to movement of the viewers. To be precise, the shadows of people cause the sounds and instrumental tracks to fade up and/or overlap. The emptiness of the space silences the piece… Another Intriguing installation is The Cabinet of Curiousness. It is an antique wooden card catalogue with 20 drawers. This piece serves as a form of “sound tool” to anyone who might interact with it. Each drawer has a reaction to the opening, thus making this installation an instrument in its own right. The piece serves as a reminder of the overwhelmed nature of receiving information in the postmodern reality, by contrasting the present situation with one stimuli at a time. As for the particularities of The Storm Room, we leave you to explore this amazing installation by checking out a video below…

Something Strange This Way

In the period between November 29th and April 19th 2015, within the gallery space and the foyer on level one of AroS Aarhus Art Museum, the public will have a chance to see six extraordinary multimedia installations by the inspiring duo Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Join in and be part of an exploration of mental states, intellectual puzzles and various dimensions in time. Remember, Something Strange This Way is a reference to strange spaces and mysterious places…

Installation Art, AroS Aarhus Art Museum
Cardiff and Miller - The Cabinet of Curioussnes, 2010. Photo Larry Lamay ©Courtesy the artists, Luhring Augustine, New York

Installation Art, AroS Aarhus Art Museum
Cardiff and Miller - Experiment in F# Minor, 2013 - installation

Featured images: Cardiff and Miller - Experiment in F# Minor, 2013 - installation; Cardiff and Miller - The Cabinet of Curioussnes, 2010; Cardiff and Miller - Storm Room, 2009.

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