Power of Movement

May 2, 2014

Urban Art Organization and MUCA (Munich Urban and Contemporary Art) are opening and exhibition by Case of MaClaim crew, one of the German most acclaimed street artists. The exhibition will make a visual summary of a the artist’s very prolific last year activity, focusing on two key motifs in his work - hands and pigeons. Entitled Power of Movement, the show evokes multiple associations, with literal movement and political connotations the term has, while the symbolism of both is portrayed in a new body of work featuring gestural and avian imagery. As social movements and pigeons are both traditionally linked to the street, the case Case is making is unambiguously related to the urban environment. Power of Movement vernissage is scheduled for May 3 at MUCA at 7pm. The exhibition will run through May 30, 2014.



Throughout the course of art history, hands and gesture have always taken a prominent place. Iconographically, the gesture has been of crucial importance in some of the critical periods, containing more substance than a mere picture or words could. Whether a hand was clenched, or overtly displaying signs, the gestures ranged from intimate ones to the universal signs for freedom, hope, love, insult or social status, to the more modern engaged, socially conscious hand signaling. The hands Case depicts are extracted symbols of various human feelings or movements, which are severed from the identity of their carriers, thus being given autonomy and significance for what they are. They are images pertinent to the today, to the turbulent times we live in, signifying protest against global oppression and support for the mistreated. Gestures of Case’s hands are universally familiar, they have been with us for millennia, imprinted in our collective visual memory, conveying an instant and clear message. Their universal nature reflects in the interpretative openness, as everyone belongs to a different, real or contemplative, movement, fighting for their cause.

Case - Erfurt mural


Pigeons are the other characteristic of Case’s murals and artwork, standing for another, more literal meaning of the word movement. They are depicted in various ways, from white doves, to rooftop birds we see daily. Doves allude to the global symbol of peace, while pigeons represent the urban relative of doves, bringing in much dynamics to the city environment. Case’s pigeons fly or sit, while some of them are dead, implementing another pictorial tradition into a completely contemporary picture - a still life memento mori.

Case - Untitled, 2011


Andreas von Chrzanowski a.k.a. Case is a known German graffiti artist, born and raised in East Germany. He started his affair with street art in 1995 using spray cans, which is the technique he still employs today in rendering of his photorealistic murals and canvas pieces. He is a member of MaClaim crew since it was founded in 2000, which is a group of enthusiasts creating photorealistic murals around the planet. Case is internationally booked, working in the UK, USA, Mexico, Russia and throughout Europe. His solo and group gallery exhibitions started increasing rapidly since 2008.

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