Chaos Pays

September 21, 2014

Artists which are inspired by the beginnings of graffiti are always interesting to follow, especially in the light of the transformation of their creative process. One of those artists is certainly Horfee. From his actions outdoors to his studio work, the artist remains inspired by the power of street art. Within the boundaries of the fine art / urban art dualism, Horfee’s studio work doesn’t act as a replacement for painting in public space, but as another side of one form of expression…

Chaos Pays
Horfee, Biolensu (National Museum "Palais de Tokyo" Paris, June 2014)

The Art of Horfee

This street artist has said once that Paris has given him a chance to create in the way he felt he needed. He has also said that, as time passed and with each passing graffiti he had created, with each bombing or tag, he started to feel the necessity for transforming his work. For Horfee, art is merely a word, a way for people to name a creative incentive. If it was up to him, he would have still called it graffiti, only on paper. As Horfee continued to experiment in painting, murals, drawings and object making, the artist started to gain recognition across Europe. Over the past years, he has exhibited in various cultural institutions, such as Kulturhuset Art Center in Stockholm, the National Gallery in Prague and Palais de Tokyo in France, to name a few. To paraphrase the artists words, Horfee’s desire is to transpire the energy of street art onto the surfaces of his studio work…

Chaos Pays
Horfee, artwork

Chaos Pays

The Chaos Pays exhibition is to be the first solo show of Parisian street artist on the North American continent. The body of work, which will be presented at New Image Art from September 27th to October 18th 2014, is a fruitful result of the artist’s desire to move toward a more concept-driven work within gallery spaces. The pieces are achieved with an interesting spray and brush techniques and appear to be of an abstract nature. The artwork is inspired by the underground comic and zine cultures, rendering Horfee’s imagery to be a representation of a distorted nature. In the anticipation of the exhibition, we leave you with the words of Horfee: There is a dance that takes place in the shadow of an instant; all creatures of all different periods decide to meet. The ghost of practicing illegal acts is alive in strong lines. The political act against today’s corporate conundrum, a rude way for selfish teenagers to be ignorant, a personal representation of self through the subjective medium of art. Chaos Pays.

Chaos Pays
Chaos Pays

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