Cheng Ran at Urs Meile Beijing

April 21, 2015

Gallery Urs Meile Beijing proudly announces Cheng Ran’s upcoming exhibition In Course of the Miraculous. Cheng Ran is young Chinese artist with already prolific career. This show represents works that Cheng Ran created during his two-year residency at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Artworks that are to be displayed at the Urs Meile Beijing vary from video works and installations to the texts and photographs. The title of Cheng Ran’s exhibition is inspired by famous performance by Dutch artist Jan Adler In Search of the Miraculous from the 1970’s.

Urs Meile Beijing
Cheng Ran - 9 Hour Film , Screen Shot

Cheng Ran’s “Unfinished” Film

Exhibition In Course of the Miraculous at the Urs Meile Beijing will feature Cheng Ran’s “unfinished” film without narratives. It is a 9-Hour Film Project (this is its working title) that shows how artist prepared for the film, his presumptions and changes in his ideas that occur during the shooting. The central part of the 9-Hour long film adhere cinematic techniques of storyboarding therefore creating an abstract film with images that do not exist. This creates the impression of being tuned into the secret channel that pulls audience into imagining film themselves and seeing its’ vast and substantial potentials. Accompanying the projection is the special viewing space Cheng Ran created in order to help him explore time, space and the relationship with the audience. Role of the space is to enhance the overall cinematic experience. This project that will be featured in the Urs Meile Beijing is supported by K11 Art Foundation and will also have its’ European premier at the Istanbul Biennial in September 2015. You can also read about Julian Schnabel, visual artist who turned to film making.

Urs Meile Beijing
Cheng Ran - Before Falling Asleep, Part 1 - The River and The Pond, Screen Shot, 2013

Before Falling Asleep at Urs Meile Beijing

Before Falling Asleep is another of Chang Ran’s projects to be shown at the Urs Meile Beijing. Before Falling Asleep is Ran’s video four-screen video from 2013 shoot on 16 mm film and transferred to single channel HD video that was filmed and produced in Netherlands. Chang Ran found inspiration for this project in the children’s bed time fairy tales by Aesop and Ivan Krylov. He adapted the four parts and anthropomorphized the characters showing interest in narrative techniques where the objects are turned into metaphors. The border between the dream and the reality is elusive as well as the overlap of the stories and that dreamy, hazy moment just before child falls asleep. Cheng Ran designed the space using textual collage carpet pieces to enhance the fairy tale impression. This somewhat refers to Cheng Ran’s prior exhibition from 2013 in Urs Meile Beijing titled The Last Generation.

Urs Meile Beijing
Cheng Ran - Before Falling Asleep, Part 2 - Two Pigeons, Screen Shot, 2013

Cheng Ran at Urs Meile Beijing

Another installation that deals with the mysterious film is included into the exhibition at the Urs Meile Beijing. It is a sailboat installation first shown at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts OPEN in Amsterdam in the December 2014. It has been rebuild with the use of specially set film lighting for its’ Beijing premiere. Apart from showing the partial ideas connected to the film it contains objects trouves(found objects), manuscripts, props and large light box photography. You can read here more about Robert Rauschenberg, one of  pioneers in the use of found objects.

For the opening of this intriguing exhibition the Urs Meile Beijing will produce a publication that documents the objects featured in the show. The task of co-designing the publication is given to the independent designer Mei Shuzhi. Also Cheng Ran has prepared an outdoor live music performance for the opening night. In Course of the Miraculous is Cheng Ran’s fifth solo exhibition at the Urs Meile Beijing. The opening will take place on April 25th and from 4 until 7 pm the artist will be present. The show closes on June 7th 2015.
If you are interested in reading more on the subject of film and art, there is a story about Seth Armstrong who puts film like scene into his paintings or about Art and Film Copyright Problems.

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Urs Meile Beijing
Cheng Ran - Before Falling Asleep Part 3, The Fire And The Tree, Screen Shot, 2013

Urs Meile Beijing
Chang Ran - Plan

Featured Images are Courtesy of the Urs Meile Gallery.

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