Magda Danysz Presents a Chinese New Year Art Exhibition

January 28, 2017

This year, the beginning of the Chinese New Year at Magda Danysz gallery will be marked by the Chinese New Year art exhibition. The passage from the year of the monkey to the year of the rooster will be celebrated with a joyful show of the most promising artists from China, including Wang Keping, Huang Xiaoliang, and stars like Zhang Dali and Maleonn. The invitation also went to French artist L'Atlas who was last year in Shanghai on a residency program. Inspired by Chinese culture and calligraphy, he will make a site-specific installation for this exhibition in tribute to the Chinese New Year. For this year, Magda Danysz is preparing the opening of a gallery space in Shanghai as well.

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Bai Guanghua - Suzhou Liu Garden 02

Chinese New Year Art

This exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the projects produced by Magda Danysz during its Chinese experience. The group of artists selected for the show includes photographers, but also some of the well-known names of the Chinese art scene. Their works bring past and present together in an exciting mixture that comes from individual interests in the aspects of the country’s past. Among the selected pieces is also the Eternal Smile by Wang Keping. This iconic steel sculpture full of humor is one of the best known works by the artist who is also considered a flagship artist of the Stars (Xing Xing) group. This work contrasts with the delicate curves of his sculptures of female profiles made of bronze.

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Little girl with a headscarf

Artists at the Exhibition

With Chinese New Year art exhibition Magda Danysz explores the vast array of themes and techniques used by prominent and emerging Chinese artists. For a joyful occasion of the new year’s celebration, the gallery decided to focus on representative art from the country in anticipation of the opening of the new gallery space in the heart of Shanghai in March of this year, in collaboration with Naço Agency. The gallery also remodeled its space in Paris, and inaugurated it in October 2016. Chinese New Year exhibition will showcase a range of talents that are supported and represented by Magda Danysz. Among the artists are also some emerging photographers, such as Huang Xiaoliang, Bai Guanghua or Feng Fangyu. These photographers are often inspired by classical aesthetics and traditions of Chinese art in their creation of dreamlike and delicate works full of light. Together with them, a group of internationally recognized talents such as Zhang Dali or Maleonn, will also show their works.

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Qui Minye

Chinese Artists at Magda Danysz Gallery

Working on its links with China since 2009, Magda Danysz Gallery offers its visitors the unique opportunity to discover both young and confirmed and famous Chinese artists in its space in Paris. The exhibitions at the gallery offer a unique and enthusiastic insight into the vitality, originality and richness of contemporary Chinese art. The exhibition Chinese New Year will open at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris on 28 January and will run until 11 March, 2017.

Featured images: Wang Tong - In Shanghai, 2008; Bai Guanghua Photography. All images courtesy of Magda Danysz Gallery.

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