April 1, 2014

Friday is bringing a new exhibition to the Outsiders London, in the form of novel works executed by the premiere contemporary painter, Chloe Early. The solo exhibition by the Irish-born artist who lives and creates in the British capital is titled Suspended and it will be comprised of the new paintings characterized by bright, captivating colors and the sleek, shimmering surface of the aluminum panels used instead of canvas.

Suspended opens on April 4 and it will remain on view at the Outsiders through May 3, 2014.

The Outsiders London
Cloe Early - Suspended

Suspended in their Quest for Ecstacy

Despite of her completely contemporary figuration, Chloe Early found a part of her inspiration in the once controversial, but famous and moving Bernini’s sculpture The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, situated within the Roman church of Santa Maria della Vittoria. The sculpture depicts the saint at the height of spiritual ecstasy, but giving out the feeling of rather sexual enjoyment and it was subject to extensive discussion between the church officials in baroque. Chloe Early explores this dichotomy in her paintings, which represent the state of rapture and emphasize the lack of it in the society of today. Throughout the Suspended series she asks an array of question regarding the objects of worship and deliverance of the contemporary man, by lifting her characters out of the everyday surroundings into the upper realm, where they hang suspended and on display.

The Suspended painting series consists of large scale oil paintings, almost two by two meters in format, accompanied by around ten small pieces dedicated to investigation of the weightless condition. These works testify to the artist’s ability to employ the grandeur of the baroque dynamic emotions within the contemporary representation featuring characters and elements pertinent to the present.

The Outsiders London
Cloe Early - Something Shiny Slips Away

Romantic Undertones

There is another allusive thread that can be followed throughout the Suspended body of work, evoking the emotional and pictorial traits of the Romantic style of the 19th century. This comes as an artistic reaction to the age of technology, paralleled in the origins of the movement, which emerged as a reaction to the beginning industrialization.

Her figures are lost while levitating, they soar into the heights, searching for the same rapture of Saint Theresa, for the same salvation and spiritual liberation, as the question whether they will ever reach this elevated state remains open.

The Outsiders London
Cloe Early - Encounter

About Chloe Early

Chloe Early was born in Ireland in 1980 and raised in the town of Cork. As a London based artist she is today considered a pioneering figure in the renaissance of the figurative oil painting. She graduated from NCAD school in Dublin in 2003 and transferred to London a year later, where she lived from then on. Her work is an amazing fusion of the old masters’ painterly traits, romanticism and contemporary representation. Supple and aestheticized on the surface, her paintings convey a strong and uncompromising message, investigating the touchy and intimate sides of human strife, drive and collapse. Large and powerful work of Chloe Early has been exhibited in England and Ireland, but also overseas in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

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