Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day

February 14, 2015

In today's auction analysis, you'll be reading about how did the Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day auction went, that occurred on Thursday, February 12th, and that followed up Wednesday's Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sale. All and all, 173 lots was sold on Thursday's auction, and although the total score was seven percent below of the sum of the high estimated prices, there were some extraordinary results, but a few disappointment, as well.

Sam Francis - Untitled - Courtesy of Christie's

The Big Picture of Christie's Auction

The most of 173 art works at this art sale changed their owners for the price that was inside the range of low and high estimated price - a total of 76, or 43.9 percent out of 173. On the bright side, 60 items was sold over the high estimated price (which is 34.7 percent), but also 37 of them was sold under the low estimated price - 21.4 percent. The total of 173 lots were sold for 18,786,538 US dollars, which was seven percent lower than the high estimate (20.2 millions), but also was 38 percent higher than the low estimate (which was set at 13.6 million dollars).

Alighiero Boetti - Aerei (Planes)- Courtesy of Christie's

Who did best at Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day art sale?

For this one, there was no contest. The clear winner of Christie's auction on Thursday was Andy Warhol's Golden Shoe (Julie Andrews Shoe), that was sold for 927 thousand dollars, which was a double up of the high estimated price (set just below $462 thousand). Damien Hirst's Ipratropium Bromide was second on that highest price list, as it was sold for 696 thousand, 29 percent above the high estimated price. Again, as the day before, Lucio Fontana's work did extremely well, as his Concetto spaziale, Teatrino was sold at almost $496 thousand - the hammerprice was 78.9 percent higher than the high estimate. Gerhard Richter's Abstraktes Bild was sold just above the high estimate, for $480.5 thousand, and Wade Guyton's Untitled work was 2.6 bellow the high estimate, as its hammerprice was just below $450 thousand. When we change criteria from the highest price to the highest difference between the high estimated and hammerprice, the situation changes, as well. On this list, Will Boone's Hoax was the most successful, as its hammerprice outdid the high estimate by 220 percent. Marcello Lo Giudice's Eden Blu was also extraordinary, as it was sold for 195 percent more than the high estimate. Third was Neo Rauch's Untitled (183 percent difference), Gerhard Richter's Abdallah was fourth (124 percent) and the Julian Opie's Orange Juice and Dior Bag had 123.6 percent difference from hammerprice to high estimated price. The not-so-well list starts with Erwin Wurm's Model for telekinetic sculpture, which hammerprice was 33.3 percent below the low estimated price, Gary Hume's Nest was 40 percent down, and Richard Estes' Staten Island Ferry Interior was 50 percent down.

Marcello lo Giudice - Eden Blu - Courtesy of Christie's

Jason Martin - Pharoe - Courtesy of Christie's

Clusters at the Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day Auction

Gerhard Richter had the biggest number of his works auctioned at Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day auction, the total of six, and five of them went for the hammerprice that was bigger than the high estimated price (a total of 1.38 million dollars). Miquel Barceló's four art pieces was sold for a total of $390 thousand, while there was a number of artist that were represented by three works at Christie's - Albert Oehlen, Alighiero Boetti, Antoni Tàpies, Damien Hirst, David Ostrowski, Günther Förg, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lucio Fontana, and Robert Longo. Albert Oehlen's works were sold for the highest total amongst these artists with the same number of auctioned items - his three works were sold for almost $950 thousand.

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Candida Hofer - Biblioteca Geral Da Universidade De Coimbra IV - Courtesy of Christie's

Hiroshi Sugimoto - North Pacific Ocean, Mount Tamalpais - Courtesy of Christie's

Yoshimoto Nara - In the Floating World - Courtesy of Christie's

Gerhard Richter - Abstraktes Bild - Courtesy of Christie's

Featured image: Andy Warhol - Golden Shoe (Julie Andrews Shoe) - Courtesy of Christie's

Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day Auction: Details

Explanation: Numbers with one asterisk (*) are the results that exclude lots with missing estimate information. The numbers with two asterisk (**) are the results with calculated estimates.

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Featured image: Damien Hirst - Ipratropium Bromide - Courtesy of Christie's

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