Underwater Moulin Rouge

June 23, 2014

Currently on view at The Outsiders London is the wonderful exhibition of photographer Christy Lee Rogers, depicting her underwater visions inspirited by the idea of circus performance. Entitled ÉLAN the exhibition encompasses twenty-four new pieces, available in very limited editions and it is the first solo show of the artist with the gallery. The series follows Rogers’ aquatic explorations commenced in her previous photographic work, this time investigating the concept of vitality and enthusiasm embodied in the French word selected for the title. Photographs are entirely free of any post-rendering, while the conceptual essence is conveyed through visuals belonging to the theme that inspired many throughout the history of art - circus.

ÉLAN can be seen at The Outsiders London through July 19, 2014.

The Outsiders London
Christy Lee Rogers - Mille Vies

The Vigor of Desperation

Cirque de l’eau of Christy Lee Rogers was born from her impressions of Paris, Moulin Rouge, old circuses fused with eruptive of wild freedom, bursting feelings of love. The series portrays her ideas fusing classical imagery with the wild dispositions of subjects vitalized by hints of abstraction. Beautiful, limber bodies glide through the thick, clear medium, which emphasizes the fluidity of their movements. They are intertwined, confusing, chaotically appealing, alluring the viewer into the artist’s conjured underwater realm.

Pushed into creation after pondering on Parisian circus performers of the 20s, Rogers found the desperation of the poor artistes that inevitably implied complete freedom - of living, expression and art. Her characters use their bodies to depict this imagined feeling, while they bathe in swirling silky matter, oxygen bubbles and each other. Rogers’ photographs possess an astounding pictorial quality, reminiscent of Caravaggio’s masterpieces. The chiaroscuro she achieves in the underwater environment is unparalleled, while compositions are largely baroque - dynamic, diagonally tense, dramatic and charged, and the gestures extended, yearning, and expressive. She uses no special effects during the creative process nor in the production, as her keen eye and experienced direction are enough to create these amazing scenes.

The Outsiders London
Christy Lee Rogers - Moi Voler Vers La Lune

Crème de la Crème du Cirque

Some of the most famous performance artists and gymnasts of the world took part in the making of ÉLAN photographic series, as the artist went to Las Vegas, Nevada to work with the world’s finest. Her exquisite vision is inhabited with brilliant dance masters, synchronized swimmers, aerial artistes, pole-dancers and actors. The interaction with the models occurred on the energetic level, while the photographers released rational thinking in order to allow their puissance and spontaneity to overwhelm her. Elastic bodies, elaborate costumes, enchanting movement are the core of this photographic body of work, graphically depicting lives of their professional predecessors and the vigor as the vital force that has ever been the same.

The Outsiders London
Christy Lee Rogers - Cirque Sous-Marin

Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers is an artist from the Hawaiian town of Kailua. She dedicated her photography to underwater work that enables her to capture fascinating visual results resemblant of baroque painting. These effects occur naturally in the camera with the refraction of light, as she shoots bodies dressed in vivid costumes submerged into water during the night. Experimenting with this complicated technique, she succeeded to warm and eager human spirit, along with the tragic and frail nature of the bodily, decaying aspect of living.

The work of Christy Lee Rogers has been shown in the USA and Europe and it is a part of many collections. She was promoted in respected magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Art China, The Independent, Eyemazing, Casa Vogue, Photo Professional etc.

The Outsiders London
Christy Lee Rogers - Ciel de Pluie

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