Closer Together

September 2, 2014

Can you remember the first time you’ve encountered an urban art piece? Can you remember the moment when the appeal of an urban art piece overpowered your senses? Wasn’t that a feeling of being a part of something? Because, this is what is embedded in the notion of urban art – it transforms the public cultural space into a living organism. A force that exists in order to bring the individual incentives of the urban life closer together…

Closer Together
Alex Senna, artwork

Chad Hasegawa / Stamatis Laskos / Alex Senna

A strong influence by Vincent Van Gogh and Keith Haring render the artwork of Chad Hasagawa to be one of the most interesting styles in the world of urban art. This Honolulu-born and San Francisco-based artist was once part of the advertising industry. After leaving the business, he started painting and from a graffiti loving kid became one of the respected street artists today. Another artist heavily influenced by the contemporary urban art scene is Stamatis Laskos. He has transformed the identity of the public space of his hometown Volos in Greece. Laskos is a frequent participant of various graffiti festivals in Greece, but also international ones. Alex Senna, being an artist from a town with rich street art scene – Sao Paulo – situates his characters in an urban setting, creating an atmosphere of loving and quirky surroundings. Senna brings the sentiments of lasting friendship and romance to the walls of the urban art world.

Closer Together
Chad Hasegawa, artwork

Daniel Eime / Swiz

With the combination of stencil and realism, Daniel Eime depicts strange characters with a gaze which can only leave the spectator intrigued. Through an extraordinary technique, the portraits of this Portuguese artist explore a new paradigm of visual presentation. French artist Swiz is known for graphical typography, but also fascinating abstract structures which he moves from location to location. This way he investigates not only the text of his work, but the connotational level of an art piece. And just like the case with the other artists we had mentioned here, streets and abandoned areas are his workshops…

Closer Together
Stamatis Laskos, artwork, segment

Group Exhibition Closer Together

During the period between September 20th and November 1st 2014, the 44309 Street Art Gallery will host five street artists from the Americas and Europe. It could be said that Chad Hasegawa, Stamatis Laskos, Alex Senna, Daniel Eime and Swiz do not share similar styles and techniques, but what brings them closer together is reflected in the inspirational realm that is urban art

Closer Together
Daniel Eime, artwork

Closer Together
Closer Together poster

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