Collect Urban Contemporary Art at ART.FAIR Cologne!

October 28, 2016

There was a time when great art fairs, including Germany’s third largest event of the kind ART.FAIR Cologne, only included mainstream contemporary galleries and works in their program. There was also a time when street art was meant for the streets alone, walking the fine line between creativity and vandalism. Today, it comes as no surprise to see Urban Art, as possibly one of the most important contemporary art movements in recent history, and its artists exhibited alongside legendary creatives from other artistic genres. Among more than one hundred participating galleries at the 2016 edition of ART.FAIR Cologne, there is a little something for everyone, and Urban Contemporary Art seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention as well.

The artworks we deemed particularly worthy of attention were produced by today’s leading artists in the field. Materials used in their creation range from traditional media such as collage and decollage to canvas painting, wood and old metal panels covered in spray paint, demonstrating the diversity and amplitude of the movement. Selecting the highlights of the showcased Urban Contemporary Art pieces, we sought to make an array of works that would best represent the style and the story of this, apparently, officially accepted type of art.

FinDAC - Changsegi

Booth: Pretty Portal
Medium: Spraypaint and acrylics on canvas in shadow gap
Size: 102x76cm
Price: 5.500,00 EUR

Madame - Mie de Pain

Medium: Collage
Size: 71 x 42 cm (Framed)
Price: 2.500,00 EUR

Olivier Catte - #1344

Booth: Galerie Lazarew
Medium: Cardboard and ink
Size: 105 x 127 cm
Price: 4.700,00 EUR

Salvador Ginard - Untitled #13

Untitled #13
Booth: 30works
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 162 x 115 cm
Price: Upon request

Darko Caramello Nikolic - Singing Bird

Booth: OZM
Size: 123 x 119 cm
Medium: Acrylic on wood
Price: 3.000,00 EUR

David Buckingham - Money

Booth: Die Hamburger Galerie
Medium: Old metal
Price: 7.900,00 EUR

Martin Whatson - Zero Tolerance Print

Booth: Galerie Kasten
Medium: Print Edition 58/100
Size: 100 x 60 cm
Price: 1.280,00 EUR

Mando Marie - High Tailing

Booth: Urban Art Now
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: 93 x 96 cm
Price: 2.100,00 EUR

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