October 22, 2013

As you might have noticed yesterday, we at Widewalls are collectors ourselves. Therefore we are well aware of all facets and sometimes challenges of collecting contemporary art. To make life a little easier, we will feed you with valuable tips, opportunities and information surrounding the topic of art collecting. To launch our weekly edition of Collectors Tip, we’ll introduce three London based framing companies to you that you can bring your recently at Frieze, Moniker or Strarta acquired artworks too. All three companies are specialized in designing, mounting and gilding.

Collectors Tip - John Jones

John Jones himself founded the framing company himself in 1960’s. Learning that he had certain talent for creating fine art picture frames was the starting point for his venture in the art industry. He began working on art framing for artists such as David Hockney and Francis Bacon. The founders close and long ties to the fine arts world, is what makes the company the most holistic framing specialist. John Jones Company covers every link in the production chain of high-end conservation framing From an artwork presentation studio to a wood mill, John Jones do everything themselves. The family –owned and –operated business, located in North London, employs 90 highly skilled craftspeople than can design virtually any high quality frame. Their client list includes several museum, galleries and private collections of artists. Artists such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Roy Lichtenstein use John Jones frames to encase their private collection. The company’s excellence was honored in January 2012 when founder John Jones was awarded an MBE as Master Framer for his service to the arts.

John Jones
John Jones Art Centre 
Clifton Terrace 
 N4 3 JG
Tel: +44 20 7281 5439
Email: info@johnjones.co.uk

John Jones
Private collection framing by John Jones

Collectors Tip - Dyson Art

The youngest of the three companies, has made a name for itself in a very fast time. Since its foundation in 2004, its reputation for high quality and standards has made Dyson Art a highly recognized framing company. Their nearly 1000 square meter studio in Southwark, London has been the destination for a variety of clients from different fields. Clients include artist, galleries, museums and companies. Mat Collishaw, Deutsche Bank and Tate Modern have all acquired frames from Dyson Art. Reason for that is the fact that at Dyson Art you will only receive the two highest framing standards as specified by Fine Art Trade Guild: Museum- and conservation-level. Dyson’s “Museum Range” uses the highest conversation grade materials to ensure longest possible protection. The usual clientele for the high-end framing are museums and top 100 galleries. The “Classic Range” is new range specifically designed for galleries and fine art professionals. This range meets the standards of conversation level. The “Lite Range” is the entry range that meets the needs of collectors, corporate clients and galleries on a fixed budget.

Dyson Art
55 Ewer Street 
London SE1 0NR
Tel: +44 207 401 3999
Email: dysonart@gmail.com

Dyson Art
Museum framing by Dyson Art

Collectors Tip - SE1 Picture Frames

SE1 is our local hero. Based in the Alaska Building, an Art Deco factory, in the South East London, this framing company focused on supplying local galleries. However, they are aiming at expanding their business and include international clients in their portfolio. Despite its limited reach at the moment, it offers a wide variety of conservation framing to its clients. When it comes to customizing framing SE1 offers its clients a vast array of possibilities. Just a short walk of London Bridge you will find the companies fine art framing service where you can choose from an assortment of frame moulding and mount samples as well as specialist glass and acrylic samples.

SE1 Picture Frames
Alaska Buildings
61 Grange Road
Tel: +44 781 57 52 897
Email: info@se1pictureframes.co.uk

Alaska Building
SE1 Framing HQ - Alaska Building

Pictures retrieved from: John Jones, Dyson Art and SE1

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