The Magic of Color For Your Wall!

August 22, 2018

Color is often described as a silent, emotional language that we all know how to speak. Indeed, with the right color, we can set a certain mood, make a statement or even attract attention. In art, artists employ color in a specific way to create an array of reflections and emotional responses.

We have compiled a list of works by contemporary artists where color seems to be the primary subject. The best part is that you can own all of them right now!

Featured image: ArtLap - Blindness 1, 2018. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Derrick Breidenthal - Winter Wind

An American contemporary artist, Derrick Breidenthal creates paintings based on the romantic recall of nature combined with the reality of the natural condition. To emphasize these contradictions, the artist juxtaposes abstraction and realism.

In Breidenthal's works, the unique combination of severe space, light and color enhances the perfection of a dream. This is especially exhibited in the vibrant and enthusiastic work Winter Wind. Extending past an agreeable composition, it links the viewer to their own story and history.

Find more info about the work here.

Xie Lei - Mind Sweepers

A young and very promising Chinese artist, Xie Lei uses a fiery imagination to coalesce various cultures – the Chinese and Western ones – in a truly unique manner. His unique sensibility, but also subtlety and acuity, invite us to cast a different glance at our world.

Neither a strictly figurative nor abstract painter, he pushes the classical codes of representation. The work Mind Sweepers depicts a desolate and fearsome nature with subjects who seem to be lost in their worlds.


Find more info about the work here.

ArtLap - Blindness 1

A project of two Russian artists, Yulia and Dmitry Lapatin, ArtLap is known for abstract artworks created through an exploration of different techniques. Working in perfect collaboration, Dmitry usually plans and sketches out his artwork, while Yulia begins with an emotion and follows its momentum of inspiration when creating.

This piece is part of the series Blindness, a unique study of color and texture. In this work, wood chips and paint in primary hues have been combined and applied right to the frame of the canvas; almost like braille.



Find more info about the work here.

Frederick Gagne - Orange Cloud

In his practice, Frédérick Gagné essentially uses painting and silkscreen printing as his own way of expression. Inspired by structures and mechanisms, his current work gravitates around a perpetual requestioning of uniqueness and universality.

In the work Orange Cloud, the artist plays with geometry and dimensions, masses, space and time, numbers and particles, contrast and transitions.

Find more info about the work here.

Kool Koor - O4

A Brussels-based artist, Kool Koor is regarded as one of the most influential and pivotal urban artists of the original NYC urban scene. He is best-known for his space-age-inspired works, which range from surreal scenes to intricate works of abstraction.

In the work O4, Kool Koor's distinct style is instantly recognizable. The futuristic landscape, which is neither figurative nor abstract, is created by handling his aerosol sprays with eloquence.


Find more info about the work here.

Jane Puylagarde - Carmin Red

A French artist based in Paris, Jane Puylagarde is best-known for the large-scale relief paintings created with a multitude of paint drops. Using hairpins, she deposits paint in a series of droplets until an harmonious landscape is obtained.

The work Carmin Red highlights the role of each droplet. As the artist explained, "just like each particle is the link with its neighbor and forms swirls, spirals and cosmic settings, each and every shadow amplifies the depth of the picture."



Find more info about the work here.

Val Kilmer - Untitled

We all know Val Kilmer as a brilliant Hollywood actor, but it is a lesser known fact that he is also an accomplished painter. He has been producing diverse and prolific art which includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and photo collage.

The painting Untitled seems as if it came directly from a dream or a fairy tale.

Find more info about the work here.

Rebecca Wallis - The Orgasmic Sneeze

Living between London and Auckland, the UK-born painter Rebecca Wallis creates works which provoke, using the allusive experiences of the Real. To provoke this space, she makes associations between the painterly and the corporeal. She is inspired by the psychoanalytical theories of Julia Kristeva.

Residing upon planes of raw silk, the work Orgasmic Sneeze is created with washes of faded color, diluted hues which separate at the edges into bruised tones.


Find more info about the work here.

Jan Kalab - Pink

A street artist from the Czech Republic, Jan Kaláb has been exploring abstraction since 2007, developing a unique visual language. On canvas, his expansive graffiti style is reduced to a concentrated, minimalist expression inspired by Piet Mondrian.

The work Pink is imbued with themes of geometry, depth, time, motion and dynamics. Playing with circles conveyed organic imperfection and swing into his work.

Find more info about the work here.

Julia Benz - YOUNG

A talented German artist, Julia Benz is best known for combining contemporary painting and urban art in a very specific way, by using a highly colored palette. In her work, the layers overlap, and due to the lack of the pre-conception of the composition, it must be interpreted with a deep trust in the process that characterizes her work.

The work YOUNG is big, colorful, energetic and loud. Not limited by any formal or informal constraints, it is about openness, intensity and passion.

Find more info about the work here.

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