September 17, 2014

Some may claim Berlin already assumed the position of the New European Contemporary Art center with all the events vibrating throughout town, stealing the flattering title from both London and Paris. Such a claim is certainly prone to discussion, but it stands that Berlin is surely on the right way to do so. With hordes of artists from all over the globe flocking to the capital of Germany, it’s no wonder all strata of artistic circles are encompassed, from the superstars, to the lesser known. The upcoming Berlin Art Week is stirring a lot of spirits promising a spectacular show, but the week’s focus proved to be somewhat off to the urban art crowd. This is where the Conturbanaries Art Fair steps in, second year in a row, to correct the Art Week’s wrongs, and to present the most wanted of the urban art scene today.

Conturbanaries Art Fair
Conturbanaries Art Fair

The Off, But In Berlin Art Fair

Being only a second edition of the fair, Contubanaries is already established as the prime contemporary and urban art event in the city, showcasing a rich, eclectic program in the most unique place. The focus of the art fair os on a new generation of creatives, which are frequently disregarded in mainstream German art market, despite the fact that they are internationally acclaimed by both public and critics, and that they are sought by renowned institutions and collectors globally. Artists, galleries and curators from the more elegant plane of urban art will all gather at Conturbanaries this year, invading the Stattbad, a historic bathhouse in the Berlin’s Wedding district, serving as a magnificently imaginative venue for the event this year. Stattbad is today an underground cultural venue, hosting an international and interdisciplinary center for contemporary art, music and culture, presenting a range of extraordinary exhibitions, multi-media events, performances throughout the year.

Conturbanaries Art Fair
Patrick Henne

Conturbanaries Participants 2014

The 2014 Conturbanaries edition is bringing a new art force among its ranks, with Till Samer, director of the Gallery BOX32 and the founder of the fair, Jan Kage, director of the Schau Fenster art space in Kreuzberg and founder of the Party Arty series, and with Guillaume Trotin, Open Walls Gallery [intriguing exhibitions] director, serving as the creative director of Stattbad. The joint goal is to better international art network and dialogue between global art scene and art market participants, including galleries, artists, curators and collectors. Some of the artists showcased at Stattbad will be Btoy, BLO, Guy Denning, Martin Krusche, Octachoron, Patrick Henne, SP38, Vermibus, XOOOOX and many more, in different booths and sections.

Conturbanaries Art Fair

See You at Stattbad in Wedding!

Taking part at Conturbanaries, there will be 16 galleries and international art projects. The program will include a film screening schedule, live painting performances, accompanied with a lounge area for breaks and ideas exchange. Conturbanaries Art Fair opens on September 18, at 19 o’clock, followed by a Berlin-style afterparty, and it will run through September 21, 2014, concurrently with the Berlin Art Week. Full admission ticket price is 8€.

Conturbanaries Art Fair
Martin Krusche

Conturbanaries Art Fair
Vermibus - Nunca Mas

Conturbanaries Art Fair

Conturbanaries Art Fair

Conturbanaries Art Fair
Conturbanaries Art Fair Sticker

Conturbanaries Art Fair

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