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July 31, 2016

For most, July is the perfect time for holidays, bathing in the sea and drinking cocktails on the beach. For street artists, however, July is a busy time of the year, a time when they travel the globe, visit numerous street art festivals, and paint massive murals while documenting their artistic process every step of the way with photos for their Instagram fans and followers. After all, cool Instagram posts are a perfect way to connect the artists and their worldwide fan base. We were also busy posting pictures of the finest street artworks on our social media channels and for the past several weeks you’ve voted for your favorite post by liking the photos on our Instagram account. Now that we know the final results, we've made this little overview to declare the most liked artworks of the month of July. The photos on our list are just as versatile as their creators - some are clever, cute and funny while others raise awareness of the important social issues of today. We don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, so here they are! From Kiev to the east to Brazil to the west, from abstract to photorealistic works, from endangered animal species to deprived social groups portrayals we give you the best artworks created in the month behind us and chosen by our Instagram followers. 

Dzia Krank - Golden Eagle

Did you know that Bodo in Norway is the sea eagle capital of the world? To honor the town that hosts thousands and thousands of these majestic creatures, street artist Dzia Krank created a cool mural that depicts an eagle in all its glory. Golden Eagle shows this powerful bird while landing on the streets of Bodo and it was created for UpNorth urban art festival in this Norwegian town. Massive wings dominate the mural as the artist uses abstract and geometric lines to make a monochromatic animalistic form that conveys the notion of power and energy.

Featured image : Dzia Krank Golden eagle via

Pixel Pancho - One Wall

Urban nation project that connects artists from different parts of the globe trough exhibitions, murals and workshops, brought one of our favorite street artists Pixel Pancho to Berlin where he created this humongous mural. Art piece entitled One Wall represent an intricate combination of mechanical features (embodied by the robotic characters) and organic materials (symbolized by earth and flowers). The artwork that juxtaposes nature and man-made mechanisms was done in the artist’s recognizable style and with a use of limited warm and earthy color palette.

Fetured image : Pixel Pancho - One Wall via

Aryz - Decay

Spanish artist Aryz who’s known for depicting strange creatures and unusual emotional mixtures used his spray cans and paint rollers to make an intricate artwork entitled Decay. The masterpiece combines numerous unusual elements such as flowers, plants and what seems to be the remains of human rib cage entangled in one giant colorful composition. An artwork described by its creator as "messy" is located on a deteriorating house in Ghent in Belgium.

Featured image : Aryz - Decay via

Pastel - Two peasants

This cool artwork created for Art United Us festival in Ukraine was inspired by the 1917 Revolution in The Russian Empire and the human need for liberty. During the revolution in Ukraine, workers and peasants fought against the Tsarist rule and the Bolshevik domination. Ordinary people became aware of the possibilities of communal power and organized themselves democratically through local mass meetings. Pastel’s mural entitled Two peasants is dedicated to this libertarian revolution and the farmers' fight for freedom, democracy, and decentralization.

Featured image : Pastel - Two peasants in Kiev, Ukraine, photos via

Lonac - Off you go

Croatian artist Lonac recently participated in Re:Think Sisak festival where he created this stunning photorealistic art piece. The post containing photos of his work reached the middle of our cool Instagram artworks list. Mural entitled Off you go portrays the liberation of a large stag beetlee (a protected specie in Croatia) from a glass jar. The beetle is set against a gray backdrop that highlights the details of the image. Off you go evokes the sense of freedom and carelessness and draws the attention to an animal space that was once quite common but is now in need of protection in Europe. The artwork was created for the festival in Sisak, Croatia whose organizers want to invite artists and the local community to reexamine public spaces through a series of artistic interventions.

Featured image : Left : Lonac - Off you go / Right : Lonac - Off you go, just first layer, photos by Silkfatblues Photo & Videography


We could say that Off you go shares the fifth place on our cool Instagram photos list with yet another striking artwork created in Germany, as both murals got the same number of likes on our account. Street artist MR WOODLAND created a realistic portrayal of THE GLOBETROTTER on a skyscraper in Erding in Germany. The artist known for large-scale murals filled with vividly colored figures and animal characters painted an artwork inspired by journeys and nature. The main subject of the piece, THE GLOBETROTTER is covered in yellow raincoat and equipped with a full backpack, a branch, and a raccoon as he wanders through the forest noticeable in the background.

Featured image: Mr. WOODLAND – The GLOBETROTTER via artist's Instagram page

Zabou - Cabinet of curiosity

The interior design of a Victorian pub in London inspired street artist Zabou to make this fascinating Cabinet of curiosity artwork. The interactive monochromatic mural depicts a perceptive English gentleman that’s closely examining people walking by. His wonderfully executed pale left hand looks like it will pick up the passers by heading that way and place them on one of many shelves depicted in the background. This is the second mural that Zabou painted on the walls of Bell Pub having previously embellished the pub in London with a cool image of Jack The Ripper.

Featured image : Zabou - Cabinet of curiosity via

David Walker in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

A conspicuous pair of eyes appeared this July on the wall of the building in the French town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Large-scale mural created by David Walker depicts one of the artist's recognizable color-explosive and chaotic female characters. Her dreamy eyes are looking at the sky while her face shows just a trace of color painted amid a gray base. The captivating mural was created as a part of an initiative launched by the local authorities of Boulogne with a goal or bringing art to unexpected places. Four other artists will succeed David Walker, climb the cranes and turn the aged building facades into beautiful works of urban art.

David Walker - Mural in Boulogne-sur-mer, via Galerie Mathgoth Instagram account

Mademoiselle Maurice - The Lunar Cycle

The eight place on our Instagram photos list belongs to the biggest mural ever made in the capital of France. Spanning over 2000 feets Mademoiselle Maurice’s artwork The Lunar Cycle was created on 40-meters-long and 15-meters-high building in Paris. Mademoiselle Maurice’s idea was chosen between three sketches submitted as proposals for the building. The cool, colorful artwork is composed of 150 thousand folded paper origamis that were taped onto a black-colored wall. The mural is inspired by the circles of the moon, that symbolize the process of change, and perfectly fits the construction that will soon be demolished and replaced with a new apartment complex. Until then, the inhabitants and visitors of Paris will have the opportunity to enjoy this cool piece that’s there to ease the transition to the new phase. If you want to know more about this monumental artwork check out our exclusive interview with Mademoiselle Maurice .

Featured images : Mademoiselle Maurice - The Lunar Cycle; photos courtesy of Mathgoth Gallery, Paris, France

Apolo Torres in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Education is not a crime. Unfortunately, there are people around the globe who are deprived of their basic right to education due to their religion, nationality or gender. NotACrime campaign was launched in 2015 to raise awareness to one such group - the Baha people in Iran. Baha’s are members of Iranian largest religious minority and are often harassed, prosecuted or imprisoned on false charges because of their fight. Although Baha’s want and need to learn they are often banned from going to public schools which is why they have founded an informal university. In order to raise awareness of the ruthless human rights violations in Iran, Apolo Torres created this captivating image of a young girl that's trying to reach books flying above her, while a snake curls around her feet. The artist felt a personal connection to the mural considering that his home country of Brazil also planned to close 94 schools and transfer over 300,000 students to overcrowded institutions in neighboring cities, (but gave up on the idea after massive public protests). The post with a mural created by Apolo Torres in Sao Paulo gathered 270 likes on our Instagram page which made it the most liked post in July.

Featured images : Apolo Torres mural in Sao Paulo, Brazil via

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