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September 14, 2015

Apparently, feuds, beefs and other quarrels are sometimes a major part of the street art world. Cope2 has been arrested recently, again. The incident occurred at the Bowery Wall, New York, while Futura was painting. The whole story is yet to be investigated and uncovered fully, but for now the allegations and claims suggest a heated argument went on between Cope2 and someone, some weapons may have been used, it remains unclear so far. The actual statement from the police is that the arrested artist has been threatening someone, which led to his apprehension.

Not the First Time Cope2 Has Had Issues Like This

Cope2 graffiti bronx said subway york carlo video just city fernando
Cope2 is notorious for his online outbursts, apparently he couldn't keep his temper even in a face-to-face sitation

Several Arrests, but No Jail Time?

The street artist from Bronx, NY, has been a graffiti writer since 1985. Over the years, he has gathered international recognition for his work. As it sometimes happens, with much fame comes much slander, Cope2 became a controversial name for several reasons. After a number of arrests for vandalism and drugs, Fernando Carlo, aka Cope2, was arrested back in September of 2010 for painting subway cars in a tunnel, uptown Manhattan. After being charged with two counts of felony mischief and one misdemeanor graffiti charge, he never served any actual time in jail for his graffiti-related crimes. Check out our list of 10 memorable street art arrests.

Cope2 video
Vandalism, drugs, verbal assaults, violent threats... Many accusations follow this artist

Cope2 a Rat and a Snitch? Online Accusations

A great number of Cope2’s works have been vandalized throughout the years, with accusations from other artists that displayed obvious remarks of him being a snitch and a rat and that he had been collaborating with the police against other street artists. These rumors and stories originated back in the early 90’s, and seemed to have never died out. In fact, they continued to grow and the implications developed. According to various sources, Cope2 has been known to go berserk on social media over the much heated arguments people have with him. His rants famously include much bad language, threats, verbal assaults and derogative speeches. And you can imagine this sort of reaction would only instigate people to poke at him even more. If you were to browse through some forums, blogs and websites, people posted up a number of screenshots with Cope2’s rants regarding the accusations of him being a snitch. Here's our list of 10 instagram accounts of artists you should follow, and maybe keep an eye on Cope2's one as well, just to see what his next rant will be about.

video graffiti bronx
Is Cope2 really a police informant?

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

The records show that even though the artist faced several felony charges as a repeated offender, and on top of that he had a free legal aid, NOT an actual paid lawyer to represent him, he managed to receive no jail time and got away with minimal fines. No probation, even nothing on his record. This is actual publicly available info and record, so it is a fact that cannot be pinned to some internet hater who wants to diss Cope2. With his history of making homophobic rants online and open threats including violence, misogyny and racism, it’s no wonder this guy is often the target of online disputes. Again, quite recently, Cope2 was accused online for providing the police with information that led to people being arrested, as well as some sexual harassing of women, just to add a few more reasons not to like this guy if you weren’t a huge fan so far. They usually say, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and even if all the various accusations were not true, it’s probably safe to say Cope2 did a poor job in handling the whole controversy that follows him.

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