October 21, 2013

This autumn gallery Ron Mandos will exhibit the new work of the multi-disciplinary artist Daniel Arsham (USA, 1980). Famous for moving between different media such as drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture, this show will focus on his latest sculptures especially produced for #TOMORROWSPAST. Icons of modern culture such as the radio, a polaroid camera and Mickey Mouse will be displayed in an unusual manner that is both intriguing and sinister.

During the opening talented New York based choreographer Jonah Bokaer (1981) will perform one of his pieces.

Growing up in Florida Daniel Arsham has always been surrounded by natural phenomena in the form of hurricanes and floods. It is no coincidence that as a result the power of nature and the effects on our culture play an essential part in his oeuvre. This battle between architecture and nature has been visible in different ways throughout his practices, such as his gouache paintings of natural environments. In these paintings architectural forms interfere with the landscape by manipulating it with geometric shapes.

Other important works of Arsham are his wall pieces that consist of organic forms that seem to naturally arise as part of the architecture of the wall but at the same time alter that structure by reshaping it and therefore questioning it’s own existence. This time, architecture is not penetrating the natural environment as in the gouache paintings, but are the natural and organic shapes manipulating the architecture of the building.

This tension between nature and culture is also visible in this upcoming exhibition. The sculptures that are on display refer to the popular culture as we know it, but at the same time have a lugubrious character since it looks like they have barely survived a big fire. Hole burns and missing parts give the smiling Mickey Mouse and the flashy portable radio a certain transiency that once again reveal the devastating power of natural phenomena over cultural production.

Jonah Bokaer is a choreographer and media artist. He has dedicated a short lifetime to expanding live performance through choreography, digital media, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and social enterprise, in the United States and internationally.

Pictures from Daniel Arsham's #TOMORROWPAST

Daniel Arsham, Steel Eroded Radio
Steel Eroded Radio, Daniel Arsham, 2013.Image © Daniel Arsham and photo courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos Amsterdam

Daniel Arsham, Steel Eroded Toy Phone
Steel Eroded Toy Phone, Daniel Arsham, 2013.Image © Daniel Arsham and photo courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos Amsterdam

Retrieved from: Galerie Ron Mandos

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