Daniel Dalopo Exhibition Awakens Animal Instinct - Opening in Berlin

October 9, 2015

BC Gallery in Berlin, one of the ten galleries favored by our readers during the month of September, will be the proud host of a solo exhibition by the Andalusian artist Daniel Dalopo. Entitled Animal Instinct the exhibition in Berlin will be the first time for the artist to present his works in a solo show. In a delicate mix of the artistic styles of the past, reshaped by the original vision of the young artist, the works of Daniel Dalopo will question what it means to be human in today’s mass society and spark conversation about the instinctive survival strategies of the humanity, part of our ancestral heritage that still influences our ways of life.

BC Gallery
Daniel Dalopo - Dreams, 2015. Collage on Cardboard - 70 x 100 cm

Daniel Dalopo – Painter of Contemporary Society

Daniel López Pozo aka Daniel Dalopo is a Seville-based painter who started his work at an early age in his hometown of Casariche. With a formal education in printmaking, his art fluctuates between the expressive freedom of a self-taught painter and silk-screening precision and orientation towards details. His works are intense and dynamic. On a technical level, this tension is achieved through vibrant, complementary colors, and a variety of patterns interwoven into the composition in a chaotic manner. Formal struggle of the represented objects illustrates the real struggles of our everyday lives and conflicting nature of the human existence. Animal Instinct visualizes the strategies of our daily battles and ceaseless fight for freedom in the oppressive contemporary society with a special focus on political and sexual identities.

BC Gallery
Left: Daniel Dalopo - Animal Instinct, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas - 180 x 180 cm / Right: Daniel Dalopo - Leadership, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas - 100 x 100 cm

BC Gallery
Daniel Dalopo mural in Seville

Picasso Meets Pop Art

The work of Picasso is undeniably one of the major painting influences in Dalopo’s work and it is no wonder that the artistry of the young Spanish artist is described as a meeting point of Picasso’s cubism and pop art. Daniel Dalopo draws his inspiration from the art movements of the past, from cubism and constructivism to pop art and surrealistic imagination. However, what he builds on that foundation can only be attributed to the highly original approach of this talented young artist, not so often seen in the works of many of his peers. Mostly working in the collage technique, Daniel Dalopo creates extraordinary compositions by combining figurative and abstract entities, geometrical shapes, and organic forms. The central part of his iconography is the human face surrounded with the contradictory variety of objects that constitute his physical and social surroundings.

BC Gallery
Daniel Dalopo - Animal Instinct, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas - 180 x 180 cm, detail

Animal Instinct Exhibition at BC Gallery

The Animal Instinct exhibition will feature a variety of Daniel Dalopo’s latest works on canvas and paper. It is the first solo exhibition for the artist and a great opportunity for art lovers outside of Spain to be introduced to the work of this promising young artist. The Animal Instinct exhibition will be on view from October 9th through November 21st, 2015 at BC Gallery in Berlin. The gallery will also host a reception with the artist in attendance on October 9th starting from 6 pm.

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Featured images:
Daniel Dalopo - Leadership, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas - 100 x 100 cm, detail
Daniel Dalopo mural in Sevilla, detail

All images courtesy of BC Gallery

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