Abstract Solutions by Daniel Mullen in Exhibition at Anise Gallery

May 31, 2016

Anise Gallery is proud to present the Daniel Mullen exhibition for the first time at the gallery. The Holland-based artist will display his works in an exhibition entitled Constructing the Future which presents his exploration of space, form, and line. We will be able to see the aesthetic influence of futurism and Dutch “de Stijl” movement, blending with one another and bringing them together in a contemporary context. The artist’s work transcends the flat surface of the canvas and inspires the viewers to step into a realm which does not subject to the explicit, but offers the access to the broader range of the possible, as well as the imaginary. We will be able to see the materialization of neoplasticism, and the use of vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors.

Daniel Mullen exhibition space  2016  new 2014  painting  canvas like  2015
Daniel Mullen - Future

What is Reality?

The question which pops up whenever we think of Daniel Mullen’s work is “What is reality?”. And indeed, what is it in the contemporary society which blurs the line between the perception of reality and illusion. The works in Daniel Mullen exhibition underline the disharmony between the stability of structure and fragility seen in the weightlessness. The artist says that he paints in order to present the illusion as exactly that, and to investigate the notions of perception. His works can be viewed as an analogy of Plato’s cave, who said that the role of the philosopher is to communicate in a manner that would cause a man to see the shadows in the cave as an illusion. Much like Plato, Mullen is communicating with his viewers, offering the illusionary images that seek to inspire them to think long and hard about what reality is.

Daniel Mullen exhibition space  2016  new 2014  painting  canvas like  2015
Daniel Mullen - Retro active

Mullen’s Universe

Daniel Mullen’s inspiration and motivation is the fact that in his Universe, he is the architect. He decides what space will look like, how deep it will be, and what message it will convey. The artist asks the important question of ownership of his works and influences. Can we, as viewers, be curators as well in the realm of Mullen’s work? Can we take the work of art and make it our own by analyzing it and giving it our own personal meaning? Can we be a part of his universe and can we actively partake in its creation, if not in a physical way, then in the spiritual one? Can we audaciously weave ourselves into his universe and make ourselves a part of his art?

Daniel Mullen exhibition space  2016  new 2014  painting  canvas like  2015
Left: Daniel Mullen - Constructing the Future / Right: Daniel Mullen - Parabolic Expansion

Daniel Mullen Exhibition at Anise Gallery

Constructing the Future, the Daniel Mullen exhibition will be shown at Anise Gallery. The preview evening is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th, 2016, from 6 PM to 9 PM. The exhibition will be on display from June 9th to July 15th, 2016, at 13a Shad Thames, London. Daniel Mullen’s works have been exhibited all over the world and are a part of numerous corporate and private collections. He has been long-listed for the Aesthetica art prize and shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Dutch Prize for Painting in 2014. Dare to enter the realm of illusion and make sure to visit the first UK exhibition of Daniel Mullen’s works.

All images courtesy of Anise Gallery.
Featured image: Daniel Mullen - Surfacing
Images in the slider: Daniel Mullen -Tropism | Daniel Mullen - Reactive-Flow