Lazarides is Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary This February with a Group Show

January 21, 2016

Lazarides, one of the most important urban art galleries in the world,  celebrates its tenth birthday in February 2016. A Decade of Lazarides is a group exhibition gathering the works of all the major artists that have made this gallery what it is today. Since its inception ten years ago, Lazarides has showcased various work by a vast number of artists. Each of them pushed the borders of art and took part in redefining the art world. Lazarides’ mission is to challenge the norm and to provide the platform for the modern underdogs – the artists that are usually off the radar of ‘conventional’ art market.

Mark Jenkins - Paradise of Eternal Bliss, 2013 (Courtesy of Lazarides Gallery)

Lazarides: a Decade of Pushing Borders and Redefining Art

The gallery’s owner Steve Lazarides was one of the first public figures to popularize street art. He worked with Banksy at the beginning of the artist's successful career, and now represents several contemporary artists practicing different genres. The first Lazarides gallery was opened in London in 2006. It has moved to its current location at the Rathbone Place in 2009. In 2014, Lazarides has also launched Lazarides Editions, the platform for fine art prints and editioned artwork of its flagship artists – which made it to our top ten list of print publishing houses. The gallery is also famous for its off-site projects in various parts of the world as well as collaborations with museums, art fairs and other galleries.

Artwork by JR (Courtesy of Lazarides Gallery)

The Celebratory Exhibition at Lazarides Brings Together More Than 30 Notable Artists

The group exhibition in Lazarides gallery in London will gather the artists who have had the crucial role for its development over the last ten years. Their relationship was, however, reciprocal: the gallery explores the frontiers of art and changes itself in the process, while every new finding changes the art scene in general. Urban art constantly evolves, and the artists continually push the borders of what is considered art. Following, promoting and supporting that lively scene has been the basis of the Lazarides gallery in the previous ten years. The group exhibition A Decade of Lazarides will feature the gallery’s most famous and significant artists – more than 30 of them.

3D - How to sneak a bomb into a gallery, 2008 (Courtesy of Lazarides Gallery)

A Decade of Lazarides: Featured Artists

The Lazarides gallery will celebrate its birthday through the work of many significant artists, including Banksy and the French photographer and street artist JR who combines art and action in what he defines as "urban activism". The exhibition will also feature the installation artist Mark Jenkins, "The Godfather of Steet Art" Ron English, the abstract expressionist Katrin Fridriks and the nature-inspired painter Sage Vaughn and 3D (also known as Robert del Naja, the founding member of Massive Attack). Other artists featured at the exhibition are Aiko, Antony Micallef, Brett Amory, Chloe Early, David Choe, Doug Foster, FAILE, Frank Laws, Gary Taxali, Herbert Baglione, Ian Francis, Joe Rush, Jonathan Yeo, Karim Zeriahen, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Marcus Jansen, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Mode 2, Nina Pandolfo, Oliver Jeffers, Pete Hawkins,, Scott Campbell, Sickboy, Stanley Donwood, TEACH, Todd James, Vhils, Xenz and Zevs.

Oliver Jeffers - Protracted landscape no7, 2015 (Courtesy of Lazarides Gallery)

Join the Celebration

A decade of Lazarides will be on view from February 12 to March 24, 2016. Lazarides gallery is located at 11 Rathbone Place in London. It is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m. Visits on Tuesdays are possible by appointment.

Featured image: Courtesy of the Lazarides gallery

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