The Meaning of Space in the Art of Dieter Balzer and Dirk Salz at JanKossen Contemporary

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March 10, 2017

Exploring the perception of space, Dieter Balzer and Dirk Salz art will be presented in a two-men show titled Novum Spatium at JanKossen Contemporary. Meaning new space, Novum Spatium refers to an artistic investigation of the concepts of perceiving physical space in our surroundings, as well as our relation to the environment, and the interactions we have within it. On one side, Dieter Balzer creates geometric abstractions consisting of sculptural and minimalist forms which deal with the ideas of depth and negative space in three dimensions. On the other side, Dirk Salz explores these concepts trough a different approach, a new perspective where simplicity prevails trough his supremacist compositions which only create an impression of physical depth within them. These two artists create a visual dialogue between the digital space, distanced from us, and the real space, our direct surrounding.

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Dieter Balzier - Sampler 1 6-7, 2016

Balzer's Geometric Abstractions

Currently based in Berlin, Dieter Balzer focuses his artistic interest into creating complex compositions out of elements that overlap each other, trough a variety of planes which make the viewer's eye constantly travel trough the image, moving from one imaginary space to the other. These geometric movements are built upon each other, but they can at the same time be perceived as autonomous abstractions and interdependent elements which create new and convoluted images. These forms serve as playgrounds for movement and vivid colors, making sculptural effects which explore the depth of the space itself. Balzer's work is influenced by contemporary graphic, industrial and architectural design, and his usage of the vibrant color foils creates a dialogue in time; a dialogue between the present moment and the existing theories of non-representational neoplasticism, cubist sculpture and the Japanese Superflat movement. The spaces he creates are digital, imaginary and distant from the viewer's direct surroundings; but because of the complexity of their various planes, they invite the viewer to enter inside and explore their depth.

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Left: Dirk Salz - Untitled 2197, 2012 / Right: Dirk Salz - Untitled 2151, 2016

Salz's Supremacist Compositions

Interested in more simple forms and color transparency, the works of Dirk Salz play with the impressions of depth, not imposed trough complex planes or compositions, but their reduction. His images are placed on smooth surfaces which serve as metaphorical mirrors to the viewer, mirrors which reflect our own position inside the space, and the possibilities of our relation to it. Supremacist in their nature, these works open up an experience of shifting between various depths and planes, but at the same time keeping our own place next to them, not inside of them; since the concept of reflection is inherent to Dirk's artistic investigation of space. Besides exploring space, these works also impose on us a question of temporality and the role of time in our perception of the space itself, therefore the entire world. The time is a category which comes before space, which is necessarily more internal and allows the outer space to be revealed.

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Left: Dirk Salz - Untitled 2205, 2017 / Right: Dirk Salz - Untitled 1910, 2012

Dieter Balzer and Dirk Salz art at JanKossen Contemporary

Even though different in their approaches, these two artists are in a constant unifying dialogue about their shared journey trough space, and time. This visual experiment, and the movement trough it will open up new perspectives on the abstract elements which make up both the architectural and the natural spaces surrounding us. Thus, enter a space where space itself is being questioned and recreated at JanKossen Contemporary, during the opening vernissage of Novum Spatium: Dieter Balzer and Dirk Salz on March 16, 2016 6-8pm or anytime until May 6, 2017. 

Featured images: Dieter Balzer - Sampler 16-4, 2016, Dieter Balzer - Sampler 17-1, 2017, Dieter Balzer - Papilio, 2011, Dieter Balzer - Samper 17-4, 2017, Dieter Balzer - Sampler 16-5, 2016, Left: Dirk Salz - Untitled 2203, 2017 /  Right: Dirk Salz - Untitled 2206, 2017. All Images Courtesy of JanKossen Contemporary.

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