Donald Trump Campaign Bus Becomes a Piece of Conceptual Art

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October 20, 2015

Ever since the presidential campaigns started heating up, Donald Trump became one of the favorite targets for American artists. Homophobic and statements of the presidential candidate were not received without criticism and artists are trying to drive Trump out of the race, this time little bit more literally, by turning his presidential campaign bus into the anti-Trump art installation. US artist, working behind the t.Rutt pseudonym, bought a bus which was recently traveling across the state of Iowa, promoting Trumps candidacy. Now remade, the bus will continue the journey with the opposite purpose.

Donald Trump Campaign Bus Art sports news iowa republican 2015 philadelphia gleeson today miami iowa sports news email video
Donald Trump Campaign Bus being painted over. Photo via

Donald Trump Campaign Bus Revamped

The last time we saw artist criticizing Donald Trump’s candidacy was when Sarah Levy used her own period blood to paint a detestable portrait of Donald Trump’s not so good-looking face. Artists working on behalf of t.Rutt are recalling the similar aesthetics and in the last couple of days they have been remodeling the campaign bus, splashing red paint all over the TRUMP logos and political slogans. Just like in the case of the artist Sarah Levy, the red paint inspiration came from the Trump’s statement after the first Republican presidential candidate debate when he distastefully and offensively suggested that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was on her period and it is the reason behind the tough questions she was asking.

Donald Trump Campaign Bus Art sports news iowa 2015 philadelphia gleeson today miami iowa news email video
#MakeFruitPunchGreatAgain - New bus slogans calling to anti-Trump action. Photo via

Hasta La Vista Donny

The misogyny and sexual put-down culture aren’t the only things criticized by the t.Rutt team comprising of three more artists. David Gleeson, Mike Stevens and Sarah Muehlbauer who were behind the project along with t.Rutt decided to name the journey of the renovated bus Hasta la Vista Donny as their way of bringing attention to Trump’s hateful comments about Latino community and xenophobia. The same comments have previously been addressed by the artist Fernando Sosa, who turned Donald Trump’s portrait into a peculiar butt plug. The bus installation will also have the interactive features like the easel where citizens can leave passages of the U.S. Constitution in various languages. The slogan of Donald Trump’s campaign #MakeAmericaGreatAgain previously inscribed on the bus, has been reinvented to read #MakeFruitPunchGreatAgain, encouraging the passersby to throw fruits on the bus, and show their “support” for Trump’s candidacy.

Artist Talks About the Features of the Anti-Trump Campaign Bus

Donald Trump Anti-campaign – Final Destination

The planned route for the renovated bus will include Chris Christie campaign event in Newton scheduled for the next week as the first stop, and after that, the bus will be driven to Philadelphia, with several stops, before the vehicle arrives at its final destination – Art Basel Miami. Hopefully, the art project will succeed in its idea and truly open the eyes of those who consider Trump a good choice for the president. The artists have put a great amount of effort recently to do so, and even those not enthusiastic about art will certainly find that throwing fruit on the Trump bus must be a pleasurable experience.

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