Street Artist Plastic Jesus Creates Worthless Donald Trump Fake Dollars

September 17, 2015

Well, the Los Angeles based street artist Plastic Jesus just made our day. He is the guy that got the nickname "The Banksy of LA", for his clever, witty street art and street installations. We have written about his Oscar statue snorting cocaine that was placed in Hollywood this winter, before the Academy Awards ceremony. A few months ago, he made several "No Kardashian Parking" signs and put them in front of the Dash boutique on Melrose Avenue, that Kardashian sisters own. Brilliant, right? But this time he went into politics. He made a lot of hundred dollars bills with an image of a billionaire and one of the Republican Party's presidential candidates Donald Trump. Then, Plastic Jesus wrapped bills together into bundles, and on top of the bills, where usually is written the amount of money, he wrote: Completely Worthless.

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Plastic Jesus - Donald Trump on a hundred dollars bill

Plastic Jesus and his Donald Trump Fake Dollars: Bullseye!

The brilliance of this work is in its simplicity and a powerful message, created via juxtaposition - there are a lot of hundred dollars bills there; there is this guy that is worth billions of dollars on those bills; and yet, these bills are worthless. It was also a brilliant way to send a strong political message - this guy is not worth a plugged nickel, in spite of all of his wealth and billions. Timing was also on spot, as Donald Trump is currently in Southern California, where the candidates debate of the "Grand Old Party" took place.

Now, one might ask, why is Donald Trump's politics being labeled as worthless? After all, he is more than successful businessman, and if he was able to become so successful, he's gotta have something meaningful to say, right? And, if he was elected president of the United States of America, he would have done pretty much the same with this great country, right, he would have made it successful, rich and prosper, right?

donald trump fake dollars
Plastic Jesus - Donald Trump on a hundred dollars bill

Why is Donald Trump Worthless?

Wrong. There is one word that describes all donaldtrumps of this world perfectly: a demagogue. He's just saying things that appeal to many people's emotions and prejudices, and manipulate with them, in order to get popularity. This is a very simple mechanism, known for thousands of years. It was noted way back, in the Ancient Greece, and yet, it is still a very effective skill - find (or create) a common enemy for the majority of people, and then present yourself as "the guardian of the people", and the "enemy eradicator". And if the demagogue is filthy rich - thus, "he knows what he is doing" - the effects are even more powerful. But, let's just take a brief look at what is Trump saying. What is wrong with U.S. of A. today? Large number of poor people? Absurd inequality? Health care? Poor education? No, says Trump. The biggest problem for the citizens of America are - immigrants, says Trump.

donald trump fake dollars
Plastic Jesus - Donald Trump on a hundred dollars bill

Because He Is.

Everything bad that happens in the United States is because of illegal immigrants, and, thus, we should deport them back, millions of them. And build some bigger walls, to go along with that "beautiful wall" that's been already built on American-Mexican border. "Mexico is not our friend. They’re killing us at the border and they’re killing us on jobs and trade. FIGHT!", Trump wrote on Twitter, claiming that Mexican government sent "rapists" and criminals to the US. So, if you think you still haven't seen any demagogue in your life, say hello to Mr. Trump. Perhaps he actually will become the next president of the United States, who knows? After all, as the old saying goes, every country has the government it deserves. But, Trump won't get a vote from Plastic Jesus: "This is the only time you'll see me putting Donald Trump on a Pedestal", wrote Plastic Jesus on his Instagram profile, and added that he is getting ready for the LA Street Art Fair in October.

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All images courtesy of the artist.