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July 19, 2019

Drawing can be perhaps considered as a fundamental medium for any sort of painterly-based practice, since it allows artists to express themselves in a quick, on the go manner. That doesn’t necessarily mean drawings could not be complex and meticulously executed, moreover, unlike painting, drawing often presents the artists' craftsmanship in a much better way.

For this edition of collectors tip, we decided to feature drawings made by a nine intergenerational artists of various affiliations and approaches which you can add to your collection as we speak.

Featured image: Nychos – Chemistry, 2018. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Elaine de Kooning - Frank O'Hara in George Segal's Studio, Woman Looking in a Mirror

The first work on our list was made by the distinct American painter Elaine de Kooning. Alongside being an art critic, teacher, and artist, she was married to Willem de Kooning and was involved with the Abstract Expressionists. Although Elaine’s career was overshadowed by that of her husband, she managed to construct an uncompromising oeuvre on the verge of abstraction.

This particular drawing was made by the artist in 1970 and it is a quick sketch of another prolific artist Frank O’Hara and a female figure found in a George Segal’s Studio.

See more about the work here.

A. Selvaraj - Unconditional Affection

The following work was made by Indian artist A. Selvaraj. Namely, he worked as an engineer before he started exploring classical Indian dance, which then led him to paint. By appropriating the local tradition and presenting it in a contemporary manner, Selvaraj created a world of his own-rooted in the sensuousness of traditional dance. In 1966 he became a member of the internationally recognized Cholamandal Artists Village located in Chennai, and in one point the artist received The Progressive Painters Association Award.

The drawing Unconditional Affection embodies perfectly the stated above since it shows a beautifully portrayed women holding a baby presented in a mythical fashion.

See more about the work here.

Le Corbusier – Untitled

Le Corbusier was the most prolific proponent of modernist architecture, a wise and socio-politically articulated urban planner, a painter, writer, and designer. To be more precise, he championed the usage of steel and reinforced concrete and worked with elemental geometric forms by focusing on the concepts of harmony and proportion. Le Corbusier was also developing as a painter who experimented much with Cubism; in 1918 together with the Cubist painter Amédée Ozenfant, he established a new artistic movement Purism.

This particular drawing was made by the architect in 1940 and although it is a deliberation of the style he introduced twenty years earlier, it perfectly illustrates his interest in different painterly formats and executions.

See more about the work here.

Maximilian Pruefer - Frequency XIII

Maximilian Prüfer is a German artist best known for the development of his printing system called Naturantypie. Namely, this system gave enabled him a chance to record of natural movements and processes. By documenting such a phenomenon, Prüfer explores philosophical questions concerning man and nature, while the very method provides him a possibility to extend the potentials of displaying motion through drawing.

The drawing Frequency XIII illustrates the artist's statements very well.

See more about the work here.

Cesar Santos - Ranked

Next up is a drawing made by a contemporary Cuban-American Cesar Santos; he is best known for his Syncretism, a term he launched in 2011 to categorize a hybrid painting style based on the combination of different art tendencies. To be more precise, this artist is focused on the hyper-realistic portraiture reminiscent of the old masters presented with a dash of contemporaneity.

This drawing titled Ranked was made by Santos in 2018 and it features a tattooed girl.

See more about the work here.

Look the Weird – 1992

The drawing 1992 was made by LOOK the Weird, which is a moniker of a German artist Lars Wunderlich. He plunged into the Graffiti scene in 1996, and ever since this artist explores the possibilities of working with aerosol. LOOK the Weird’s works are based on the combination of figuration and abstraction and are saturated with bright colors.

This particular work was made by the artist in 2017 and it features boys on a playground presented in surreal and blurry black and white manner.

See more info about the work here.

Henrietta Harris - 5 From the series Landmarks And Features

Henrietta Harris is a New Zealand artist who expresses herself mostly through painting. She is focused on the skillful portraiture, as her paintings often take on a surreal atmosphere. The portraits she does seem to drift into space, they became unclear and obscured visions. Harris primarily works with watercolor paint on paper.

This drawing belongs to the series Landmarks And Features and was made by the artist in 2015.

See more info about the work here.

Jaanika Peerna - Maelstrom Series 68

The following drawing was made by an Estonian-born New York artist Jaanika Peerna. Through her multimedia practice, she explores the domains of natural phenomena and the corporeal experience of our existence, and she is often involved in collaborative projects working with designers, dancers, and musicians. Peerna holds art workshops in various settings and works at the Dia:Art Foundation as a museum educator.

This drawing belongs to the Maelstrom Series 68 made by the artist in 2015.

See more info about the work here.


Last but not least artwork on our list was made by Austrian artist Nychos. His practice is largely influenced by his childhood spent in the Austrian countryside which was according to Nychos a rather brutal environment; therefore all of his works are saturated with bizarre imagery of animals and characters drawn from pop culture exposed to dissection, cross-section, and x-ray.

In Chemistry, we see two dissected heads kissing.

See more info about the work here.

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