DUBL TRUBL Finissage

October 30, 2014

DUBL TRUBL started of as a small project of a few urban artists that saw the potential in spontaneous collaborations. The concept of the collective differs from the classical street art crew idea. In contrast to crews that paint to create one harmonious image, the collective encourages participating artist to include their unique styles even if they are very different. Meanwhile this idea and the collective have established themselves in the realm of urban art. The last exhibition DUBL TRUBL hosted was at Urban Spree and encompassed over 90 acclaimed international artists. Among the participating artists were Anthony Lister, Alex Fakso, Cyclops, Dscreet, Dabs Myla, Kid Acne, Phlegm, TwoOne and Word To Mother.

urban art
DUBL TRUBL exhibition at Urban Spree

DUBL TRUBL-Zine and Video

This sensational exhibition is coming to an end today. For the closing party on October 30th the DUBL TRUBL collective will release the DUBL TRUBL-zine and video that documented the entire exhibition from set up to closing. Both media will pay testimony to the adventure and spirit of this exceptional event at Urban Spree. In honor of this monumental group exhibition we would like to present our impressions from the vernissage and highlight some of the pieces that stayed in mind.

Page 2: DUBL TRUBL Vernissage 

urban art
DUBL TRUBL exhibition at Urban Spree

DUBL TRUBL Vernissage

When we arrived at Urban Spree an hour after opening, the garden was packed, the music was playing loud but the exhibition space was draped in a veil of attentive silence. About 40 to 50 people were standing inside the large exhibition space of Urban Spree and examining the artworks for clues to find out which artists collaborated on which artwork. We didn’t need much invitation and joined in to decipher DUBL TRUBL.

Urban Spree
SKIP vs Olivia Skalkos

Dscreet and the Others

The first artwork that grabs your attention when you enter the gallery is the collaborative effort of curator Dscreet and Rone titled “Scarface”. The main imagery is Rone’s signature painting of a woman’s eyes. Dscreet added raw scratching under the eyes that reads “DUBL TRUBL”.  Our clockwise cycle of the exhibition continued with a beautiful minimalistic piece by Cyclops and Dscreet. The black and white acrylic painting on wood depicted “Nike Jesus” and immediately caught our attention with its graphic design aesthetics and reduced message: Jesus wore Nike’s. Not as message heavy but equally eye-catching was the style mix of Dscreet and “adventure painter” Anthony Lister. The artists decided to create their artwork on the natural brown surface of wood. Dscreet painted two owls and included the collectives as a graffiti tag. Lister painted one of his surreal portraits that sticks his head in on the right hand-side of the piece.

urban art
Rone and Dscreet

urban art
Cyclops and Dscreet "Nike Jesus"

urban art
Dscreet and Anthony Lister

Unbelievers and Silk Fiber

Moving on we saw two stunning, vibrant and colorful artworks by Tim Head and BO 130. The “Unbelievers” and “Split Personality” are an incredible mix of typography, figurative painting, abstraction and collage. The two pieces are not overloaded with different styles but it is exactly that mix that makes it stand out. The next artwork was a modified photography by Gemma White and street art photographer Alex Fakso. The photo was one of Fakso’s signature shots of a subway tunnel with a geometric star layer. The stellated octahedron was created with a silk thread on gold fiber silk Baryta. This creates a magnificent effect when viewing it up close.

urban art
Tim Head and BO 130

urban art
Gemma White and Alex Fakso

DUBL TRUBL Sculptures

The center of the room was occupied by two amazing sculptures. A yellow car that crashed into the pillar of Urban Spree and had white wool coming out of the hood as steam was an immediate stopper, in the truest sense of the word. The tire tracks of the wooden car that zigzagged from the entrance door to the crash site added to the humorous sensation of this sculpture. Another amazing work was that of Dan Speight and The Soft City. The artists used the open end of books to paint their artwork on. They screen printed a picture of Berlin’s Reichstag on the books and drew a crocodile wrapping around it in acrylic and ink. At first you don’t recognize the imagery but upon closer examination the meticulous details become visible.

urban art
DUBL TRUBL exhibition at Urban Spree

urban art
Dan Speight and The Soft City


Last up on our exhibition round was the DUBL TRUBL wall. Numerous smaller works by some of the biggest names in urban art were beautifully arranged to create a harmonious composition on the wall. Works by Xeme and Sinic, RUN and Phlegm, Word To Mother and Ebot, Dabs Myla and Aeon, and TwoOne and Timba Smits found their place on the wall. Dscreet was again well represented with several of his collaborative partners. The eclectic mix of urban art was presented on several media like paper, cardboard or sweatshirts. The final highlight of the exhibition impressed with its huge diversity and underlined the concept of DUBL TRUBL: Together is Better!



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