Edible Masterpieces of 2015 - Create Works of Art out of Food and Raise Money for UK Museums

August 12, 2015

As museums keep struggling with the financial crisis and lack of material support from the government officials there are some people who want to help, although in an unusual way. The Art Fund has created a delicious initiative in order to raise money for museums and galleries in the UK. As part of their ongoing program entitled Edible Masterpieces, the British public, art and food lovers alike are called to participate in a creative project of making the edible pieces inspired by the works of art. The artistic bake-off is expected to finish in October when the winners will be announced.

Edible Masterpieces best national 2015
Last year's Edible Masterpiece bake-off

The Art Fund and Edible Masterpieces Initiative

The Art Fund has been supporting UK museums and galleries for more than a century in various ways. Their Edible Masterpieces project was founded in 2014 and not surprisingly it has attracted a great number of participants and visitors. Well, who doesn’t like cakes or art, or art in the form of a cake. The Art Fund has just launched the open call for this year’s bake-off challenge. The only rule for submitting the entries is that the artwork is edible, and reminiscent of the famous work of art. It is left for the participants to decide and choose their inspiration in their favorite movements of the past and favorite mediums. From the Old Master paintings, to sculpture and installation, everything is acceptable as long as it can be tasted later.

Edible Masterpieces styling photography 2015
Gingerbread woman inspired by Sarah Lucas' Self portrait with two fried eggs

Make Treats, Help Museums: How to Use Food for Art Creation in Innovative Way

The great thing about this project is that you don’t even have to be the greatest cook in the world. Even raw food is acceptable, as long as it’s arranged and shaped in form of some great artwork of the past. All you need to have is your enthusiasm, good will, basic ingredients and £10 for the entry fee. And your art inspiration off course.

Art Inspired Food - Best Edible Artworks in 2014

Last year saw some admirable and exceptional pieces from For the Love of Cake, Damien Hirst-inspired skull cake cleverly playing with the title of Hirst’s work, Andy Warhol cupcakes, recreation of Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm (no. 30), and many more. When it comes to finding your inspiration the field of possibilities is endless, and it is an amazing opportunity to show support for museums and cultural institutions in the form of a delicious artwork.

Edible Masterpieces 2015
Jackson Pollock-inspired crispy rice cake


Ultimate Edible Masterpiece 2015: News and Information

For those who are not especially competitive, a charitable bake sale is another event organized by the Art Fund with the same goal. But for those who are The Ultimate Edible Masterpiece competition will last until 11th October. The participants are to submit their entries until that date, and the final selection process and the announcement of the winner are scheduled for October 13th, 2015. And the prizes for the winner and the runner-ups are also provided in form of the kitchen gadgets, recipe books, and National Art pass, so find your inspiration, heat the oven and become the creator of an edible artwork.

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Featured images:
A cheese carving inspired by Auguste Rodin's The Kiss
For the Love of Cake - Damien Hirst inspired Skull Cake
Warhol cupcakes
Wedgwood shortbread

All images property of The Art Fund
Photography by Maja Smend, food styling by Kim Morphew, prop styling by Lydia Brun

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